According to INSI, there have been 13 confirmed journalist deaths world wide. 

Not a very good start.


It is what it is.  But it’s now time to do this thing.

I am a human being after all.  Passionate, dedicated, focused, and sometimes just very sleepy.  I have faults and I know 100% of other human beings out there have their undeniable faults as well. 

But I’m not here to talk about mine or others’ faults (that just gets this post out of wack).

And why write this weird intro to this particular post?  

Just because…

Plus, I just wanted to let people know that I’m converting this particular blog into a written blog…primarily. 

You know sometimes I have stuff to talk about and sometimes, I just need another method of communication than just relying on my photographic work (heck, writing is most of time quicker to produce, anyways).

Here I’ll promise myself (foremost), to write about anything and everything that crosses my eyeball path- throwing sometimes a bit of real journalism and mixing it up with many times cross dressed musings, within a puree of much maligned news aggregation. 

And why not. 

Because sometimes, I have an itch to talk as much about drug lords in Honduras and about South Korea’s KPop scene.  

Hope to squeeze out some good, with some of the bad.


According to sources in Pakistan, “Khan, a photographer for the Urdu-language paper Ummat, died from injuries he sustained from a bomb that exploded 30 minutes after another blast outside a Shia site in Karachi.”

Many journalist advocate organizations, including The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joined its affiliate, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), in condemning the results.

As a consolation, there has been some good news.  Whether from design or coincidence, there has been less photographers dead this year.  So far, there has been a reduction of 58% in photographer deaths.  Also, there hasn’t been any reported incidents from Russia, according to CPJ.

Bloodshed on the hill.  Seems to have been loss of discipline by the police and ‘impatience’ by the Police won the day.  This video was presented from Reuters.

Something like this hasn’t been in the news (public sphere) for many, many decades.  In the short term, could depict how much strife is underlying the South African state of affairs, between the public and the authorities, both politically, economically, and socially.

Previous day’s reporting from the BBC and how it was presented and like other distribution channels, the actual shooting seconds were generally skipped.


According to CPJ, there has been 36 journalists, in total, killed world wide.  Most highlighted of these have been in Syria, and within the context of its 17 month internal strife.












More of the story written here: The Daily Star & video of subject below.

I’m a fan of and participating enthusiast in the sport of cycling.  It’s a major part of my sanity and cog of my day to day life.  Just wanted to share this nice clip from Garmin (which sponsors the Garmin-Sharp Pro Tour cycling team.  It isn’t really part of the thread for this blog, but what can I say- I’m sometimes a sucker for nicely produced vid on the essence of cycling.

Hope I can train in mountain passes like this, someday.

I’m just a recent fan of Conan O’Brien.  I’d never been into any “late night shows”, but I do respect Conan’s focus and vision, for his career and his future environment.

He was hired as The Tonight Show‘s seat on June 1, 2009 (and lost it in January of 2010).

So, here are some videos of the often respected Conan O’Brien.


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