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The International Space Station streaks past the moon (Lauren Harnett / NASA) <Enlarge to see Closer>

NASA photographer Lauren Harnett took the photos separately, composited them and here is the result.

Stunning (as any space image are to be), beautiful (the station is so small!), and tickles the imagination (even if one isn’t into this kind of stuff).


Read & View more:  The Huffington Post, NASA


Infographic by Peter Oumanski

At least from one point of view, there are a handful of start up ventured companies that will rule the 2012 roost.

List includes some already favorite companies, as well, as little known ones.

Simply, the year of 2012 will be another fun-go-around of a year for tech. Especially for mezzenine level startups, trying to prove their worth in the market for the long haul.
All the luck to them.

Now read the rest of the list written by Emma Haak, at FastCompany.Com

It’s a big world.

However, there are only a finite number of rules or “laws” to follow when it comes to business.

In the terms of the highly incindiary and competitive world of consumer technology, there’s nothing that is sacred- as we all know.

There are 2 such strategies:

(1) Invest and try to develop Brand New technologies or products. Or, (2) invest and develop better ways of copying (template-ing?) already (and most importantly) successful market penetration strategies.  After all, #2 is a “template”, and templates cost Less money to produce.

Samsung has, in this latest saga, decided on strategy #2, with a bit more “obviousness” by developing advertisement with the same talent, in the commercial (known as CF in Korea).

The shame was palpable, for the company had deleted the spot immediately after criticisms rained down on its actions.

There’s no permanent damage to Samsung, of course.  And lets be honest, there are many such business examples from other companies (name the company, and they’ve employed the same strategy as Samsung did- even at Apple) which have done the same thing.

Samsung and Apple make great stuff for us to enjoy, no doubt about that. But gaffes like this makes it fun for all of us sometimes. But isn’t such egg on face situation, just fun to witness? Yes. I agree. (Oh, I can imagine what that post staff agency meeting was like at Samsung).

Well, here’s the Samsung version, for comparison with the Apple version following.

Read even more at:  SlashGear

I try not to be or become too “gadget” oriented. I try to do my work, with what I have and which I can afford, at the time.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about those ooey gooey fun and gadget-y machineries, right?

Anyway, I can say that I love gadgets. If I was a millionaire I’d be looking into many things gadget (but I’d be lying, because I’d be getting custom cafe racers, a Ferrari, and many other finer things, in addition to this list).

That is why below are my next “kinda-realistic” gadgets I’d think I could/should be able to afford in the near future” (knock on wood), office equipment (I’ll do a “Tier 1” level gadget wish list later).

Drobo, Maschine, Canon, oh my!

Suffice it to say, my list here is a bit eclectic. It isn’t catering to a pure single category, for sure. It does however does cater to some tastes of mine- both practical and indulgent.

This list would satisfy my data security dreads, my data processing/collecting power trip fantasy, my taste-making old skook hip hop fantasy, and my Speedy Gonzales  output proper.

I think, all in all, these practical gadgets will quell any guilt for the new owners because of the practical and usefulness of existence, and also satisfy the purity of owning some of the most powerful consumer electronics out in the market.

So, cheers all.  Lets try and get there. I sure will.

Drobo Pro (Drobo)

Easily add up to 24TB of storage to a workstation or small office server without having to learn anything about storage administration. Just insert up to 8 disk drives into the DroboPro.

It’s a RAID system, so hot swap away! And from Drobo’s PR department, this machine will be able to efficiently use the maximum amount of the total space available from the inserted HD. This means, data will be duplicated on multiple HDs, correctly preventing any one HD failures from ruining a perfectly good day at the office.

My initial thought of this came from paid and non-paid sponsorship of the brand from pro photographers. I’m a photographer, as well, so when you think of all your hard earned images being destroyed, the Drobo (or systems like it) would be a good way to go.

I think it is a sensible way to go.

One of these 8 Bay models will reel you back about $1,300 (which is without the cost for the 8 HDs). But as witnesses tell, it is one of the more easier NAS systems out there. Which is important for us non-server geeks.

Canon 1D X (Canon USA)

The 1D X is for the moment, the new flagship of Canon’s EOS professional line of DSLR.

It boasts 18.1 MP CMOS sensor and new Dual DIGIC 5+ image processors for high grade image quality. The shutter pumps out 12 fps. A ridiculous 51,200 ISO range (which can be adjusted to hit a whopping 204,800 in H2 mode).

The big change is the new 61 point High Density Reticular AF system and 100,000 pixel RGB metering sensor (with dedicated Digic 4 image processor).

In addition, there is an improved HD video capture standard, numerous connectivity options, combination of processing power, durable/weather sealed construction, and a 400,000 cycle battle tested shutter durability.

The debate whether Canon or Nikon makes the best flag ship DSLR, will always rage on. But the Canon 1D X, no doubt, has high marks for the “drool factor”

It surely is a beauty in practical application in photography. Kudos.

Oh and this one will cost around $7,000 (just the body).

HP Laser Jet P4013n (HP)

I usually don’t prefer All-in-One printers of any kind.

In the past, All-in-One printers just was average at all of its functions. They were done satisfactorily, but not at their best.

Unlike working for a big company, at the home office, it’s easy to look past those All-in-One blues. For it’s more efficient to get one of these, then shell out for multiple printing machines.

The HP Laser Jet P4013n is a good one. It’s HP, a great brand for printer category, it spits out 21 pages per minute (black and in color), holds around 2,500 regular stock sheets in its ‘belly’, quality is very much acceptable from other sources, and at around $700, it looks cool and it does its job. This printer also is a Laser Jet, so it is the quality of print that we mortals are seeking, day to day.

So, lets make those invoices shine for the clients!

Apple Mac Pro (Apple)

“The Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processor is available in a single-processor, quad-core configuration at speeds up to 3.2GHz. For even greater speed and power, choose the “Westmere” series, Intel’s next-generation processor based on its latest 32-nm process technology.”- Apple PR

Choice of 3,6,8 GB models, 1TB of memory, ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1GB GDDR5 card, and one Server model is also available.

The Mac Pro has been a favorite of designers alike for many years and still is a gold standard for designers everywhere. Hands down the most elegant, in my opinion, as well as powerful.

As do any Mac, the pro model demonstrates its power from its OS X.  From many many USB, Firewire, built in wi-fi, bluetooth, the Mac Pro is stacked in standards. Plus, it is expandable to a very high level of performance. Make it a small group server, with just an addition of OS X Server software.

Nice. And so cool sitting on the office table.

The Mac Pro towers will set you back, starting from $2,500 and up. No monitor included of course.

Native Instruments Maschine (Native-Instruments)

I am not a full musician of any kind.

Sure, I’d dabbled with my Ibanez bass & some acoustic guitar during my high school “Battle of The Bands” stint. But I am not, by any means, skilled at making repeatable and original beats, as the pros.

Not until I saw a video promo made by Native Instruments, the marketer of the Maschine line of music producers. At least I could try to be like the pros, on this Maschine, machine.

Some sources say that there are 2 eras in hip hop production: one BEFORE Maschine (BM), and one AFTER Maschine (AM). There was a time beat producers had to choose from MPC style machines and non-tactile computer softwares.

Then came Maschine and producers everywhere, didn’t have to choose any longer.

I can’t explain how cool the Maschine is. So, go click HERE and see some demos on vid.

The Maschine line starts from around $400, but it has so much packed in power, it’s like having all your essential instruments in one. Bass, drums, percussions, guitar, synthesizer tools, and etc.

So, go try it, and you’re surely closer to hip hop beats stardom.


Fascination of time and space. Falling forward without a trace.

Warm with caress. To it I embrace.

Come to me tenderly, tumbling and tumbling hand in hand.

All words and images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph

What is your awesome website you’d like to share?

Now, my qualifications of what an awesome website is, is that it is just curious (whether useless), fabulous (whether practical), and/or stupendous (although simple)!  I don’t have any particular categories to go by, at the moment, for this is just a quick way to relay my thoughts to you all, through my online searches.  The list presented every week should be flexible and fluctuate, depending on my collected mood   =D

But one things for sure, I’d like to keep with sites that we don’t normally see in our normal search routines.

And of course, I may include some remarks, comments, or some snark remark-a-comment to each link. You never know.


Now, what I will ask of you all, is what website(s) you think is/are awesome, in your eyes!

After all, in some estimates, there are close to 300 Million websites existing in this online universe we love.

Let me know!

Well, here’s my first list. Check ’em out!

GAS BUDDY  (– love tracking your gas? Here’s a source.

HODAR (– weather you never see on ABC-7 Accuweather.

ONEMOTION (– somethings you’d never thought you’d do with your mouse.

USGS (– what are floods, droughts, Geospatial Analysis. Oh my!

NEWSEUM (– particular twist on a very cool museum for media & news outputs.

NASA (– see how the new generation of space exploration has been defined.

EARTHCAM (– street voyeurism on an international and intercontinental scale.

ACCESSORY GEEKS (– you got an iPhone right? An Android phone?! What da!

RECORD TRIPPING (– so cool I felt like Jam-Master Jay.

RETAIL ME NOT (– you like coupons! I’ll show you coupons!


Any comments?? Let me know!



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