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My memory of Noel and Claudia’s wedding is as follows:  “family to die for”.

I’ve mentioned before how awesome I thought their family members were. From the two of them and the kids, I believe they are just so lucky to be together.

But it all starts from Noel and Claudia.  The love and affection they have for each other is imminent and evident. They seem like very old souls, holding hands on the new and bright adventure they’d agreed to undertake.

However, all this cannot be complete with out their kids. They are the (sorry for the un-romantic term) ‘cement mix’ in this ultra high-rise project of a family. They will make both Noel and Claudia, even prouder someday.

I know, I know. Too sentimental and unrealistic?? I don’t believe so. The family is rock strong and I was honored to have the opportunity to glimpse (however short), by proxy, a special occasion as this.

Claudia and Noel looked just fabulous. The kids were just gleaming with joy. The parents were so very proud. And the extended family just had so much fun!

For this opportunity, I appreciate you Noel and Claudia, and forever be huge fan!  Hope you know this.


Location:                 Liberty Hall Cathedral of Praise, Brooklyn, NY

Caterer:                   Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors  (Facebook) (Website)

Flowers:                  Joan Forbes

Photographer:         (me) mediaform jasonkim photograph (Facebook) (Website)

All images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph


In my continued efforts in my photographic endeavors, I hope at working for clients who are ‘fabulous’.  For any service provider, like I am, working for a great bunch of personalities help even further, in the collaboration. Not always necessary, but a fudge-on-top positive.

This was one of those great cases. Here are Noel and Claudia plus, the children.

IMHO, I think they are just such a very handsome and beautiful family (what do you think?).  I’m a fan.  After several minutes of the session, what the family made me think of was one of those Disney Channel sitcom families!  Noel and Claudia are such kind folks, for sure.

Daughters Mela & Tif will break some hearts very soon.  As for the little guy, Marcus, will hit ’em hard with his uncanny gravity towards the camera.  In fact, all the children are very photogenic and have that “TV personality” charm. Hence my comment about “Disney”  =D

Oh, and the song that I think of when I see them is The Alan Parsons Project (Eye in the Sky).  Go to Youtube (here), to hear. Don’t ask (why I think of that song).  I seem to always connect songs to photos, like this.  Anyways, the song has everything to do about “Big Brother”, but the melodic delivery of the chorus is so soothing.

Soothing = This Family.

All images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph.


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