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Just too many good songs to view from Toad The Wet Sprocket. Brings me great feelings from the 90’s- of my own hints and highlights of my own memories of that time.

Should do the same for others as well.

Toad The Wet Sprocket was an institution back then. Certainly great stuff, and probably safe to say their music will withstand the test of time for many.

Here are several songs from couple of their albums.



Apple Inc has undoubtedly become one of the world’s most powerful business entities. Design, aesthetics, and coolness has affected the company’s weed-like growth, however, its manufacturing and logistical efficiencies was its key to market share dominance in the past decade.

But as a leader and in the name of progress, Apple has had its share of controversies especially its assumed acknowledgement of its partner manufacturer. FoxConn is a Taiwanese registered business, working several factories in China The persistent speculations on violations afflicted to its workforce still strongly resonate in the air, amidst Apple’s gargantuan successes.

Read more from The New York Times:  HERE




2008 Documentary on Workers’ Landscape Evolution in China.

What do all colors mean? And in what context did they mean, throughout the ages?

That is a questions Pigments Through the Ages tries to educate us on.

If you’ve had that undeniable urge to find out what “Cerulian Blue” meant in the 1900’s, then this site starts you out on the right path.

The information offered on colors, is solid. The site offers information on origin, dates, color reference, make of chemicals, and so forth.

Best yet, information is available on what the color symbolizes. Which is critical when choosing for our bathroom walls, as we all know.

Fun and enlightening, you’ll never think of colors the same way again.

Take a look see here:  Pigments Through The Ages

Pigments Throughout the Ages (


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