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I carry my camera almost every time I leave my apartment. My favorite camera depends on my mood (makes a big difference) and what kind of photographs I believe I want to take in that outing (this day I had my DSLR with me with my trusty 50mm).

It’s a philosophy (a philosophy many photogs dwell) and a habit which has been drilled in. It’s like when you don’t have your wrist watch on (for those of you who always are used to wearing them). Just feels like something’s missing.

Anyway, yesterday (on my way to Newark) it was one of those days I was very glad to have my camera with me. And it isn’t because there was an abundant amount of subjects I particularly wanted to take images of, but that I would have been very bored.

The photos you see below are ones taken from a very, very, very long traffic halt. It wasn’t overly unpleasant, but I did thank my lucky stars I went to the bathroom prior. It was that long.

See, the images don’t have to have spectacular weight (at least in personal/fun mode). As you can see, these are just items you’d see behind any traffic: barriers, rails, trucks, trailers, tires, bumpers, inside of my car, sky, etc.

But it’s a rolling story. It’s not a very compelling story, but it is a story- snapped & communicated within a 5 image frame. Nothing complicated but a total personal moment in time, explained in ‘paragraphs’, within the 5. No more, no less (because it’s my story). Not clear always mind you. However, we photogs always try our best. =D

Oh, by the last image of the sky, is when I lifted my head up to say to myself, “Finally!”

Then I was on my way to Newark. The Brick City!

Fun, isn’t it? Yep. I agree.

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As human beings, I think we love thing from “higher up”. I mean views of view points that give us a glimpse of how birds look at our world every day. I think we humans are very jealous =D

We are, after all, terrestrial beings. Animals that have occupied the dry lands (as temporary Inn keepers) for a time, expanding, spreading, cultivating, devastating, and at the same time innovating.

But just like the Wright brothers (and countless other humans), who just wanted to be flying like birds, we terrestrial beings just aren’t satisfied with the view which we have.

That’s why we have persons and groups that love traveling to the tops of the highest mountains, tops of the highest buildings, flying in dare devil planes, and flying out (trying hard) towards the vast cosmos.

Of course, we all do not carry such “first person” ambitions for adventure, but we all do sometimes profess the odd, “ohhs”, and “ahhs”, when we see photographs and videos showing us the seldom bird’s eye view.

Most of us (and this is my inkling) love the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, and so forth. This is because, in the safety of our sofas, we can enjoy and get a “glimpse” of how birds always see the world. Or we love those big zoom perspectives of the Himalayas, or Mount Kilimanjaro from our ant’s view, because the magnitude and scale of those colossal leviathans in wide angle is “unimaginable”.

Yep. We as species appreciate nature’s giants. Structures that make us go, whoa!

As for me, I’d love to be able to fly like a bird. That would be just fab!

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When I start on a street photography trek, I start with a notion.  That’s just me saying to myself, “What idea I’d like to photograph today”.  It’s not a very structured start of the trek.

However, it is a ritual that I do.

From that kernel, the logistics of the trek can be developed (albeit very quickly and sometimes haphazardly). Well, it’s a process.

Anyways, I digress.

What I was about to say is that coupled with the excitement of not clearly knowing what one will encounter in the streets, the notion of ‘speculating’ about what your subject is thinking about in their individual heads it, equally intriguing.

And any photo of any individual in the streets can mandate such feelings from you, the photographer.

This is what is so exciting about street photography.  Like Forest Gum, “…you never know what you gonna get…”

Here in this example, the subjects are getting out of St. Paul’s Chapel on Trinity.

The subjects are tourists, as you can imagine. They have come to ground zero to take part in the ritual of visitation. I don’t know whether these subjects are residents from the US, or from another country, but the act of visitation has the similar motive.

Now, what do these visitors think of when they approach, and visit such a place. I guess this is where we can interject and insert our own guessed narratives to mold a story. It’s all fiction, you see, but this is a major part of the fun.

So, the simple first question would be:  “What were these ladies coming out of the church thinking about, at that second (when I pressed my shutter button)?”

“Was this lady thinking about the nobleness of the structure? Or was she thinking about her next month’s rent bills?”

“Was the other lady not happy with the visit? What are they looking and feeling as they climbed down those respected steps?”

See? It’s fun, ain’t it? I smile always when I deem there’s a story within the brains of those subjects. It’s a part of the process that is precious for the “fun”.

It’s all good.

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I’m a big 1970’s pop music fan. Ambrosia, America, Bread, Billy Joel, Styx, James Taylor, Gilbert O’Sullivan and so on. Well, at least for this month.

My point is that I am into pop music as much as the next guy (well, I don’t know about American Idol fans, however. They’re ravenous…

To be honest, never paid attention to going to live shows in my early years, for some reasons. I think it was just dis-interest. Too bad for me, eh?  Just like many hobbies, I do feel bit of regret for not going to live shows and such. But well, just a little.

But these days, I do try to concentrate on attending my thoughts to little things. Just like FREE live shows.

Yes. These free shows are mostly featured in moderate cities, in their formal downtown “business” centers.

These are cool, to be sure. Where I live (Jersey City) and in towns nearby, there are always seasonal mini concerts (also many, many in NYC- which I try to attend as much as possible). Sometimes there are some true surprises (for the good).

When you find one or a group that is just superb, you sit there and listen. Well, that’s all you can do to pour appreciation towards a group that one had never heard of, until that moment. Maybe, toss some big cheers and claps, as bonus.

There are many human elements that make up a great group, small or large. Charisma. This “charisma” can be spearheaded by the leader of the band, the whole band itself, the music, the lyrics, or a combination of all. It’s a subjective but a very real thing.

I find myself respecting a band with such fervor and ooze.

I find myself enjoying such small gems and finds.

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As I’m listening to Ambrosia and working on my projects, I reflect (just a little) on the world of photography.

Some things in life, I’ve often just pressed passed it- as an issue and/or as subject.

One thing for sure, is that I will try my best to seek and recognize the little things that cross my path or my flight (hence my tact on the title of my photo blog “The Mundane”).

Well, just as in principle and on going pillar of street photography, I couple that notion- building and learning (always learning) about the world (small and large) around you and I.

In street photography, it’s a mish-mash of all the major categories of disciplines. It’s sometimes portrait, sometimes landscape, sometimes journalistic, and sometimes all at the same time.

It’s just a beautiful thing. There’s a reason why so many of us, fans of the art of photography, are enamoured with it.  Street photography is so “Open” in its entry, input, interpretation, output. But it’s, in some angles, a rigid skill. It’s “Closed”.

Don’t worry, lets not all think it’s so academic.  Opinions differ in its ultimate relevance in the technical landscape. But to me it’s a learning tablet and a fun factory. There’s not many things that make me have a small smirk (in happiness) when roaming and snapping.

Anywho, that’s one rant for now. Hope your weekends are going fab!

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In my continued efforts in my photographic endeavors, I hope at working for clients who are ‘fabulous’.  For any service provider, like I am, working for a great bunch of personalities help even further, in the collaboration. Not always necessary, but a fudge-on-top positive.

This was one of those great cases. Here are Noel and Claudia plus, the children.

IMHO, I think they are just such a very handsome and beautiful family (what do you think?).  I’m a fan.  After several minutes of the session, what the family made me think of was one of those Disney Channel sitcom families!  Noel and Claudia are such kind folks, for sure.

Daughters Mela & Tif will break some hearts very soon.  As for the little guy, Marcus, will hit ’em hard with his uncanny gravity towards the camera.  In fact, all the children are very photogenic and have that “TV personality” charm. Hence my comment about “Disney”  =D

Oh, and the song that I think of when I see them is The Alan Parsons Project (Eye in the Sky).  Go to Youtube (here), to hear. Don’t ask (why I think of that song).  I seem to always connect songs to photos, like this.  Anyways, the song has everything to do about “Big Brother”, but the melodic delivery of the chorus is so soothing.

Soothing = This Family.

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