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It’s Awesome Websites Monday! Well, it’s 2minutes past midnight, so just missed the “Monday” part. This one can be called “Awesome Websites Tuesday” episode, I guess.

Well, below are some of the sites that got my fancy. Some for a few minutes, and some I will keep handy in my bookmark.

Dig in and see if you like them!


DailyLit ( – If you have something again eReader platforms like the iPad, Nook, or the likes  of Kindle, then maybe this can be a convenient alternative for you. Maybe.

WikiTravel (– Why not! You know you like using Wikipedia for lots of your ‘online research workflow’, so why not a Wiki for Travel?? You know you wannna.

Kontain (– Organize your photos and activity updates, on the go- fast. Give it a try. Maybe you’ll like it.

My6Sense (– Got Google Reader?? Maximize it with My6Sense. RSS reader sync mobility.

Podiobook (– not very complete list of book, but the audio books are free for listening. Some interesting books you’d never heard of, I’m sure. Heck, it’s free.

Selectism (– another one of those “style hunter” type sites. But it’s all good…

WhoRunsGov (– Ever wonder who is at the helm of our government departments? Get the gist from this site. Information we never get to hear about by the news media.


The Witness Tree- But Outer Space (Robert Frost)

But outer Space,

At least this far,

For all the fuss

Of the populace

Stays more popular

Than populous

What is being simple?

A very basic question, don’t you think? We say this every day. From our daily routine conversations, to our business dealings at work. “Be simple, Jack!”, one says to another.

But as do many of our artist from coast to coast, “being simple” is what makes our world so complicated, sometimes.

Think about it.

What is being “simple”? And at another level, what kind of “weight” does this word/phrase carry with it, every time it’s spoken?

I think it carries, sometimes, dire controversy and/or consequences.

Besides going into all of the situations we, as human beings, say and ‘proclaim’ this attitude towards another upright walking being, I’d like to put a question to a question.

Does “being simple” dedicate and press a higher (albeit lateral) burden to a speaker?

Yes. Indeed. I believe so.

Being simple, in communication, puts higher levels of pressure upon that individual.

A simply put communication is Expected to have a complicated and detailed explanation.

Many of our discourse, in the present, do not have these together and binding. I guess many things are the public’s (you and I, all of us) fault for letting these things “go”.

Simple, does not mean “simple”. Simple is Complicated. Complicated, sometimes mean, unsophisticated and “not well thought out”.

No one’s perfect, for sure.

Lets respect the Simple… the Powerfully Simple.

Rober Frost did…

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What is your awesome website you’d like to share?

Now, my qualifications of what an awesome website is, is that it is just curious (whether useless), fabulous (whether practical), and/or stupendous (although simple)!  I don’t have any particular categories to go by, at the moment, for this is just a quick way to relay my thoughts to you all, through my online searches.  The list presented every week should be flexible and fluctuate, depending on my collected mood   =D

But one things for sure, I’d like to keep with sites that we don’t normally see in our normal search routines.

And of course, I may include some remarks, comments, or some snark remark-a-comment to each link. You never know.


Now, what I will ask of you all, is what website(s) you think is/are awesome, in your eyes!

After all, in some estimates, there are close to 300 Million websites existing in this online universe we love.

Let me know!

Well, here’s my first list. Check ’em out!

GAS BUDDY  (– love tracking your gas? Here’s a source.

HODAR (– weather you never see on ABC-7 Accuweather.

ONEMOTION (– somethings you’d never thought you’d do with your mouse.

USGS (– what are floods, droughts, Geospatial Analysis. Oh my!

NEWSEUM (– particular twist on a very cool museum for media & news outputs.

NASA (– see how the new generation of space exploration has been defined.

EARTHCAM (– street voyeurism on an international and intercontinental scale.

ACCESSORY GEEKS (– you got an iPhone right? An Android phone?! What da!

RECORD TRIPPING (– so cool I felt like Jam-Master Jay.

RETAIL ME NOT (– you like coupons! I’ll show you coupons!


Any comments?? Let me know!


The fall colors bloom and for just a few moments, we can take it all in.

It’s the timing of it all, that captivate and accentuate the colors in front and out front.

Even with the high noon sun, it isn’t what it used to be. Soft and delicate, the molecules slowly dowse the leaves into the golden and the crimson.

Crisp air meet and greet the sun’s delight.

Even the banal. Or even the regular every day, becomes silver and special.

The fall colors blossem. Hope we can stop, synchronize, and reset. Just for a second.

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Veterans supporting OWS on Veterans Day.


Our modern Veterans Day evolved from the first days of inauguration by Woodrow Wilson and his administration way back in 1919. Which is, for practical sake, another time.  The point of the day, of course was to celebrate and remember the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers who died fighting in the first World War.

Fast forward to 1953, a man in Kansas had the timely idea of celebrating and honoring the fallen soldiers and the currently living. His campaign started in his home town, which reverberated through to the national stage. From there in 1954, Dwight Eisenhower helped pass it to the current form we see it today.

2.5 Million

There are many estimates, but the general number of dead & wounded soldiers is around 2.5 Million. This is including many of the foreign ‘conflicts’ and to all of the well known wars we have heard about in modern times (i.e. Revolutionary, Civil, Vietnam, Korea, WW 1 & 2, etc).

Top 3 Wars

The top ranked war/conflict which caused most of the fallen and wounded are:

1. American Civil War with around 650,000

2. World War II with around 410,000

3. World War I with around 120,000

Top 3 Wars compared to TTL Population

The top ranked war/conflict which caused most compared to the TTL population at the time are:

1. American Civil War with close to 2% of TTL pop

2. American Revolutionary War with close to 0.89% of TTL pop

3. World War II with close to 0.31 of TTL pop

TTL dead and wounded in the War on Terror (2001-present)

In Afghanistan, there have been TTL of 1,803 who have died and TTL of 9,971 who have been wounded. For a grand TTL of 12,035.

In Iraq, there have been TTL of 4,477 who have died and TTL of 31,965 who have been wounded. For a Grand TTL of 36,395.


Whether one agrees with the protests of Occupy Wall Street or not, there had been real support from veterans who’d attended. It posed some poignant moments and significant assertions, provided by living and proud soldiers.

And at the least that means something, doesn’t it?

Sure does.

Joan Baez lending some time to the cause.

Joan Baez.

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Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute poverty or destitution is an inability to afford basic human needs, which commonly include clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter. About 1.7 Billion people (of the world) are estimated to live in absolute poverty today. Relative poverty refers to lacking a usual or socially acceptable level of resources or income as compared with others within a society or country.

*2010 UN study (link)

*2010 US Census study (link)

*KCCI-8 Des Moines News (link)

You can see, we work and live in a country that has worked hard to become the biggest power in all of history. Our economy, even in a recession, is still a formidable force. The US is a dynamic and flexible country. Always on a teeter, on the effort of being fair to its minorities, but it does come back and try to give back.

And this “resilience” is based on our remembering or trying the shoe from the other side- the “non-greener” grass patch on the other side of the fence.

Fairness is always warranted. But some sympathy and awareness keeps us all humble. If we don’t give, lets at least keep up on what’s going on.

Well, anyhow, there’s no way to determine which charities are effective or not. But here are some charities ranking search sites that could make things a bit less challenging.

Lets keep on, keepin’ on!


*Charity Navigator (website)

*The Chronicle of Philanthropy (website)

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A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.- Walt Whitman

I’m not one who quickly get on a particular talking point or trend myself into any predictable (and often times ‘ready shelved’) dogmas. And I do realize that we live in a world (from the beginning of human species) which is always drenched in throw away talking points- in our personal and our discussions within political discourse.

Opinions abound from every cable TV mouth pieces and elite commoners.

I know that in any political discussion, there are many layers to slice and examine. However, there’s only one layer that is relevant to me- at least from my photographic experience there.

And that is one thing the courage and strength I’d seen at Zuccotti Park.

Even more simply- the physical strength of the folks ‘living’ in the park.


Well, imagine yourself as experiencing these, for example…

(1) Live outside for now, almost 50 days. Maybe some or many of us had done the once outside venture at a camping trip or falling asleep outside after a night’s out drinking. But we’d never done a month plus of living outside. Just this fact is tough.

(2) No basic amenities. This is a sacrifice that most of us do not want to live without. Sure, we can sleep out for couple of day outside without running water (i.e. running ‘hot’ water), but do want to replenish ourselves there after.

(3) Living outside, within a city. It’s not like they are living outside in the wilderness. At least in a wilderness, there are limited resources which can be used (i.e. branches, grass, leaves, dew, dirt, etc) but this is the city. There are restrictions to the use of hard marble and concrete. Just no use to your living situation.

(4) No hobby activities. Nothing to do but keep oneself busy with books, magazines, chatting (old school), etc. No luxuries like radio, TV, iPhones, iPods, around here buddy.

(5) The elements. Yep. It’s cold at night now. It’s hard to concentrate and keep your focus when you’re hungry and cold.

It’s just difficult. And I respect the “whole” of the group, as a movement. If even if it’s only for their physical commitments.


We as Americans don’t know where our body politik will be like in the near and far future. But as we experience the perceived changes the country could be going through, it is important to remember that one thing is for sure contant- which is that we as citizens all live in a fluid and ‘unfeeling’ world.

Just like Walt Whitman states “A great city is that which has the greatest men and women”.

Whatever happens, hope that we come out of the near election cycle with heads held high and with a better aggregate public discourse and results.

And why not (and hope so).


I’ll try to get to Zuccotti Park as the days go forward, maybe following some agenda guidelines I’d acquired from the PR tent.

Lets see what they’ve got in store, next.


Lets continue with the photographing…

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Every year, the lovely ladies at Alpha Iota Chi (AIX) sorority drives through a charity event to help Pantene Beautiful Lengths, in turn, help ladies who’d been victims of breast cancer.  The event this year was called the 4th Annual Montclair State University Ponytail Drive, and I had been hired to photograph the still new but very enthusiastic shindig.

The day was beautiful. I’d woken up to a chilly but comfy weather. I felt good. And I felt good that I was participating on a very honorable charity event. Best of all, I’d been invited to the event by some awesome ladies- namely Alicia and Lynne.

Well, the event had some sponsors loosely structured, but participating with their particular skills and crafts. Namely, one of the longest participating sponsors was Serenity Salon Spa (located in Bloomfield, NJ). As I understood it, they’d been donating their time and resources since the beginning. Kudos to them!

The start of the whole charity event had been started by Alicia (her Facebook). She’d forged the concept, when she was in college, at Montclair State University (MSU). The best thing is that she continued in co-organizing and assisting with the strengthening of the event AFTER she’d already graduated. What a gal! Something very noble to witness.

Last note:  It was also fun to be back ‘inside’ a higher learning institution since my own graduation from college   =D   But it was a warm and fuzzy feeling, though LOL

Anywho, ciao for now!


I thank again Alicia. To Lynne & Jessica of AIX sorority. To Montclair State University. The gals at Serenity Salon Spa.  And to all the participating AIX sorority sisters & pledges. As well as to all of the donating participants.

T’was fun!


Montclair State University (website)

AIX sorority (website)

Serenity Salon Spa (website)

mediaform jasonkim photograph (website) (facebook)

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Ah, on Halloween day, I took a visit to Zuccotti Park again.

But, because of it being a Monday and a work day, I thought the action would be more than on a Sunday.

And true to form, it was hectic. Much action, as predicted.

On this day’s visit, I could get a small glimpse to what has been happening for more than a month.

So, I supported the sights, with some random chats with the PR camp, the Food HQ, and folks from Occupy Wall Street (OWS) participants strolled up and down the park. Here, I’d heard the predictable notions of why they were there, and many of whom were wearing their pride and passions on their sleeves- as they should.

I’d witnessed a very efficient gathering and subsequent distribution of foods (all donated) to the OWS participants and to whomever homeless attended. I was impressed with the crew.

I’d witnessed the ‘human microphone’ technique. It was fabulous. Worked very well for an imperfect system. It did its job.

I also saw the stacked full OWS Library with 5 or so ‘librarians’. These were for the occupants’ reading pleasure. FYI, they had some great books on stash for reading.

As usual, there were some great passionate gesturing, singing, comments, questions & answers, debates, characters, and signs (of all sorts). I stayed at the park and around it, for about 3+ hours and saw much. To my delight and education.

I’d witnessed a variety of age group participants (young and to old), with varying talents, and passions they wanted to display. All were very smart in their own way and clever in their own right.

Lets see what happens on my 3rd day (or night’s) return.

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