Fun stuff. GE exposure meter infomercial. “It’s the meter with a Memory!”

The lines had been blurred couple of decades ago. And in recent years, that haze has thickened with deregulation from the Clinton administration, forward.  Independent media in traditional vehicles don’t seem to exist any longer.  The overlap of content is significant.  The Internet is the only territory left with legitimate chances of relative independence.  Even that universe is slowly being consolidated, however.

Chart is from FRUGALDAD.

18 journalists dead in 2012, so far, according to CPJ

Deadliest, to no surprise, has been Syria.

  1. Syria: 6
  2. Somalia: 5
  3. Nigeria: 1
  4. India: 1
  5. Thailand: 1
  6. Lebanon: 1
  7. Brazil: 1
  8. Pakistan: 1
  9. Bahrain: 1

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France 24

BBC News

“The Winogrand show will include about 200 photographs and nearly half have never been printed before. Working mainly in New York City, Winogrand worked so furiously that he put off printing and editing the shots. When he died in 1984, he left 6,500 rolls of film that had been developed but not transferred to contact sheets and 2,500 rolls that weren’t developed.” – The New York Times.

2013 in San Francisco Modern Museum of Art

2014 in Washington D.C.’s The National Art Museum

Death of photojournalist and film maker, James Miller. His last work.


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