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Every year, the lovely ladies at Alpha Iota Chi (AIX) sorority drives through a charity event to help Pantene Beautiful Lengths, in turn, help ladies who’d been victims of breast cancer.  The event this year was called the 4th Annual Montclair State University Ponytail Drive, and I had been hired to photograph the still new but very enthusiastic shindig.

The day was beautiful. I’d woken up to a chilly but comfy weather. I felt good. And I felt good that I was participating on a very honorable charity event. Best of all, I’d been invited to the event by some awesome ladies- namely Alicia and Lynne.

Well, the event had some sponsors loosely structured, but participating with their particular skills and crafts. Namely, one of the longest participating sponsors was Serenity Salon Spa (located in Bloomfield, NJ). As I understood it, they’d been donating their time and resources since the beginning. Kudos to them!

The start of the whole charity event had been started by Alicia (her Facebook). She’d forged the concept, when she was in college, at Montclair State University (MSU). The best thing is that she continued in co-organizing and assisting with the strengthening of the event AFTER she’d already graduated. What a gal! Something very noble to witness.

Last note:  It was also fun to be back ‘inside’ a higher learning institution since my own graduation from college   =D   But it was a warm and fuzzy feeling, though LOL

Anywho, ciao for now!


I thank again Alicia. To Lynne & Jessica of AIX sorority. To Montclair State University. The gals at Serenity Salon Spa.  And to all the participating AIX sorority sisters & pledges. As well as to all of the donating participants.

T’was fun!


Montclair State University (website)

AIX sorority (website)

Serenity Salon Spa (website)

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The word around town was that a “wee” one was going to join us.  And for sure, another new born was about to join the party (well, at least in several weeks)!

On this day, I was the observer to a baby shower for Yumi, the mother soon to be.  Hami, sister of Hans and total planner of this event (awesome job Hami!),  invited me to be a part and fly on the wall for this great event. Hami had gained a sister-in-law and soon to become an Aunt, for the first time.

I was excited for her and her family- plus, to be a part.

Hans & Yumi seemed all together, about his new found wealth. But I would have understood if there were some butterflies in his stomach- this “birth thing” being a very big celebratory part of their lives, and all.  Well, at least I would have been, if I was him.

But they were troopers (I could tell).  With great (soon to be) grand parents and support systems, the two will be fab parents! They are for sure a great couple (…and deeply in love, I could tell).

As for the party, it was fab. Everyone enjoyed themselves, much. The other kids who attended were so cute as well! Sooooooooo hyper (I think they were very high on jelly beans..) =D

Hami was fabulous in planning and taking care of the whole shindig. Also, Hami gave Yumi several pieces of her knitting products (from her own knit line of apparel NAMU KNITS), and they were just beautiful.  And if that isn’t enough, Hami is a fabulous pastry chef! Look at them below!

In sum, Yumi received lots of children’s books, towels, toys, a tub, scrubbers, and clothing for the child. Nice, nice.

As fro me, I was smiles those several hours. I was very happy for all involved.

Congrats Yumi!  Congrats Hans!

All the best and hope to see you two and the new one, very soon!  I’m a fan!

PS:  The only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to eat one of the cupcakes Hami had made. Oh well. Better luck next time, eh?  My mistake, I know. Dang.  =D

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