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Blackberry 10 rumored mock up (TheVerge.Com)

  • Eggs in… check.
  • All eggs in… check.
  • All eggs and the Hen in…. check.
  • Produce eye popping, earth shattering, people quaking, heck of a smart phone, which will sell like hot cakes … unknown.

Research In Motion the parent company of the Blackberry smart phone devices will announce to the world the benefits of its brand new Blackberry 10 (BBX) device at MWC, end of February 2012.

Worried so much, is RIM, they’ve put all in one basket, canceling other projects such as Colt (reported by BGR) and scrapping a phone named Milan.

Do Or Die

The damaged and leaking market share giant of the mobile device world, is hurting. Hurting so much, that RIM will have to have a winner with the Blackberry 10. If not, the damages for the company will decidedly put the company in turmoil.

The stats aren’t kind to RIM. Sales are down and going down even further Fast.

A double teaming by both Apple and Android built phones, have decimated RIM’s slight hold on its majority market share prominence (the rank it held for the last 15 yrs).

Market Share Comparison. Smart phone devices (Nov. 2011)

  • Apple holds 28.6 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, up slightly from 27.9 percent in October.
  • BlackBerry OS slipped again in November to 26.1 percent, down from 27.4 percent in October and 33.9 percent in June.
  • Android OS reached 25.8 percent in November, compared to 22.7 percent in October and 15 percent in June.

Game of Attrition

The name of the game is inevitable- if RIM’s Blackberry 10 does not succeed to hit a chord with its fan base and the skeptical public. The company’s market share will shrink to nothing quickly, and the hoards of Blackberry customers will convert to either iOS (Apple) or Android based phone makers. There’s no place for RIM, any longer- at least in high end consumer handheld smart phone devices.

Especially when the Tsunami called the Android phones, is relentless.

At the end of the day, the tech pundits’ predictions are towards the end of RIM, and left standing are three dominant mobile OS services:  iOS, Android, and Symbian platforms.

Expectations for the RIM Blackberry 10 device is high as ever. For the life of RIM hangs with the success of it.

Sources: GigaOM, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, TheVerge, CNET


Models show the latest version of LG Electronics’ Optimus smart phones at an event in Seoul in October. The Korean tech giant has been paying the price for falling behind rivals such as Samsung Electronics and Apple in high-margin products like smart phones and touch-screen tablets. (Korea Times)

LG Electronics will hold hands with giant chip maker Intel. This will be Intel’s first forey into manufacturing smart phones powered by Google’s Android mobile software.

However, an executive from LG (asked not to be identified) simply added, “Personally, I doubt that LG Electronics will release phones running on Android software based on any Intel platform. It’s quite possible for LG to push Intel’s reference mobiles but with huge subsidies from Intel for promotion”.

So, is there another reason why Intel has joined with LG?  Yes. AMD.

“Intel is getting nervous over the growing emergence of AMD, therefore, the partnership with LG will be good for the chipmaker,’’ an executive commented.

AMD Korea doubled its revenue last year, because of its partnership with Samsung, LG’s direct rival.

“Intel is giving out more money to cash-strapped LG Electronics in return for a closer partnership. I still have doubts about the marketability of the upcoming Intel Android phone,’’ said an industry watcher.

Another tech couple, seeking a golden return, while trying to keep their rivals at bay.

BELOW:  2010 announcement made by Intel and separately by LG, on their joint smart phone venture, which didn’t see light of day. 

What is your awesome website you’d like to share?

Now, my qualifications of what an awesome website is, is that it is just curious (whether useless), fabulous (whether practical), and/or stupendous (although simple)!  I don’t have any particular categories to go by, at the moment, for this is just a quick way to relay my thoughts to you all, through my online searches.  The list presented every week should be flexible and fluctuate, depending on my collected mood   =D

But one things for sure, I’d like to keep with sites that we don’t normally see in our normal search routines.

And of course, I may include some remarks, comments, or some snark remark-a-comment to each link. You never know.


Now, what I will ask of you all, is what website(s) you think is/are awesome, in your eyes!

After all, in some estimates, there are close to 300 Million websites existing in this online universe we love.

Let me know!

Well, here’s my first list. Check ’em out!

GAS BUDDY  (– love tracking your gas? Here’s a source.

HODAR (– weather you never see on ABC-7 Accuweather.

ONEMOTION (– somethings you’d never thought you’d do with your mouse.

USGS (– what are floods, droughts, Geospatial Analysis. Oh my!

NEWSEUM (– particular twist on a very cool museum for media & news outputs.

NASA (– see how the new generation of space exploration has been defined.

EARTHCAM (– street voyeurism on an international and intercontinental scale.

ACCESSORY GEEKS (– you got an iPhone right? An Android phone?! What da!

RECORD TRIPPING (– so cool I felt like Jam-Master Jay.

RETAIL ME NOT (– you like coupons! I’ll show you coupons!


Any comments?? Let me know!



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