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Just too many good songs to view from Toad The Wet Sprocket. Brings me great feelings from the 90’s- of my own hints and highlights of my own memories of that time.

Should do the same for others as well.

Toad The Wet Sprocket was an institution back then. Certainly great stuff, and probably safe to say their music will withstand the test of time for many.

Here are several songs from couple of their albums.






This series of meme viral videos had hit us with a ton of bricks, since the first popular series was done by a duo for “Sh*t Girls Say”.

This one gently and tenderly reminds us what we innocently say “in our minds”, but do not blurt out in public? Or do we not say these things at all? If we did, it would be embarassing at the least and confusing to our friends and family, at the most.

John Mulaney (via JohnMulaney.Com)

John Mulaney, a writer for Saturday Night Live,  and is one of my recent favorite comedians.

His delivery is right on, without so much stress and over the top delivery sweating.

And his voice sometimes don’t seem to fit his child-like facial features and as he puts it “feminine arms and legs”.

But he’s good, and has some great bits to tell.

The latest is named “New In Town” and the premier is on Saturday, Jan. 28 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Should satisfy for some giggling, for sure. His Website is:      JohnMulaney.Com

Here’s a sample of his past work. Take a look see.

When I start on a street photography trek, I start with a notion.  That’s just me saying to myself, “What idea I’d like to photograph today”.  It’s not a very structured start of the trek.

However, it is a ritual that I do.

From that kernel, the logistics of the trek can be developed (albeit very quickly and sometimes haphazardly). Well, it’s a process.

Anyways, I digress.

What I was about to say is that coupled with the excitement of not clearly knowing what one will encounter in the streets, the notion of ‘speculating’ about what your subject is thinking about in their individual heads it, equally intriguing.

And any photo of any individual in the streets can mandate such feelings from you, the photographer.

This is what is so exciting about street photography.  Like Forest Gum, “…you never know what you gonna get…”

Here in this example, the subjects are getting out of St. Paul’s Chapel on Trinity.

The subjects are tourists, as you can imagine. They have come to ground zero to take part in the ritual of visitation. I don’t know whether these subjects are residents from the US, or from another country, but the act of visitation has the similar motive.

Now, what do these visitors think of when they approach, and visit such a place. I guess this is where we can interject and insert our own guessed narratives to mold a story. It’s all fiction, you see, but this is a major part of the fun.

So, the simple first question would be:  “What were these ladies coming out of the church thinking about, at that second (when I pressed my shutter button)?”

“Was this lady thinking about the nobleness of the structure? Or was she thinking about her next month’s rent bills?”

“Was the other lady not happy with the visit? What are they looking and feeling as they climbed down those respected steps?”

See? It’s fun, ain’t it? I smile always when I deem there’s a story within the brains of those subjects. It’s a part of the process that is precious for the “fun”.

It’s all good.

Image copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph

As I’m listening to Ambrosia and working on my projects, I reflect (just a little) on the world of photography.

Some things in life, I’ve often just pressed passed it- as an issue and/or as subject.

One thing for sure, is that I will try my best to seek and recognize the little things that cross my path or my flight (hence my tact on the title of my photo blog “The Mundane”).

Well, just as in principle and on going pillar of street photography, I couple that notion- building and learning (always learning) about the world (small and large) around you and I.

In street photography, it’s a mish-mash of all the major categories of disciplines. It’s sometimes portrait, sometimes landscape, sometimes journalistic, and sometimes all at the same time.

It’s just a beautiful thing. There’s a reason why so many of us, fans of the art of photography, are enamoured with it.  Street photography is so “Open” in its entry, input, interpretation, output. But it’s, in some angles, a rigid skill. It’s “Closed”.

Don’t worry, lets not all think it’s so academic.  Opinions differ in its ultimate relevance in the technical landscape. But to me it’s a learning tablet and a fun factory. There’s not many things that make me have a small smirk (in happiness) when roaming and snapping.

Anywho, that’s one rant for now. Hope your weekends are going fab!

All images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph


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