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This series of meme viral videos had hit us with a ton of bricks, since the first popular series was done by a duo for “Sh*t Girls Say”.

This one gently and tenderly reminds us what we innocently say “in our minds”, but do not blurt out in public? Or do we not say these things at all? If we did, it would be embarassing at the least and confusing to our friends and family, at the most.


The Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Pedro Pablo Errazuriz, shaking hands after the announcement. (SUBTEL site)

What would happen if our cell phone providers had to sell pre-unlocked devices?

Would this mean immediate chaos in the streets?

Chile, a country, in the continent of South America, has declared that all mobile cell phone providers all SIM cards had to be unlocked to its customers, as standard. This went into effect officially on January 2th.

This means, transfer of the phone and services are at the customers’ whim to change at anytime.

The announcement was made via Twitter feed by Subsecriteria de Telecomunicaciones (SUBTEL), the Chilean government body which directs that countries telecommunications policies.  The ministry’s reason for the ban on SIM card locking, is to help the consumer in cheaper methods for using cell phone services.

“We have prepared a decree has been published in the Official Gazette, under which every Chilean who is the victim of a theft of a cell phone will be able to call the company which has such phone, and not only block your phone number, but also the telephone, thus, cell phone stolen a device will be useless. Minister of Interior and Public Security, Rodrigo Hinzpeter explained.

This experiment isn’t new. Chile follows 3 others (Singapore, Greece, Israel) in this endeavor.

The experiment’s results are not conclusive yet, however, and will need time for the impact stats to be counted and analyzed.

Read more at: TheVerge.Com, SUBTEL release

Infographic by Peter Oumanski

At least from one point of view, there are a handful of start up ventured companies that will rule the 2012 roost.

List includes some already favorite companies, as well, as little known ones.

Simply, the year of 2012 will be another fun-go-around of a year for tech. Especially for mezzenine level startups, trying to prove their worth in the market for the long haul.
All the luck to them.

Now read the rest of the list written by Emma Haak, at FastCompany.Com

(Washington Post)

Alright, it is now 2012 officially, and in this new month, predictions of all kinds will be flying off of editor’s desks from around the world’s publications- digital and traditional.

Recently in the Washington Post, a tech prediction piece was written. GO HERE

As in many prediction bulk of the pieces will undoubtedly be about what cannot be done (about what’s already here). But heck, predictions are what they are, so no worries, what the experts out there are writing.

For me, it’s just fun watching what unfolds.  The piece predicted the following:

(1) The “cooling down” of Social Media category.

(2) Bubble will pop for current crop of tech IPOs

(3) Explosion of demand for cheap tablets

(4) Voice recognition goes main stream

(5) Trouble in “Cloud” computing land.

Continue Reading here:  Washington Post


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