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According to INSI, there have been 13 confirmed journalist deaths world wide. 

Not a very good start.


It is what it is.  But it’s now time to do this thing.

I am a human being after all.  Passionate, dedicated, focused, and sometimes just very sleepy.  I have faults and I know 100% of other human beings out there have their undeniable faults as well. 

But I’m not here to talk about mine or others’ faults (that just gets this post out of wack).

And why write this weird intro to this particular post?  

Just because…

Plus, I just wanted to let people know that I’m converting this particular blog into a written blog…primarily. 

You know sometimes I have stuff to talk about and sometimes, I just need another method of communication than just relying on my photographic work (heck, writing is most of time quicker to produce, anyways).

Here I’ll promise myself (foremost), to write about anything and everything that crosses my eyeball path- throwing sometimes a bit of real journalism and mixing it up with many times cross dressed musings, within a puree of much maligned news aggregation. 

And why not. 

Because sometimes, I have an itch to talk as much about drug lords in Honduras and about South Korea’s KPop scene.  

Hope to squeeze out some good, with some of the bad.













More of the story written here: The Daily Star & video of subject below.

Taiyaki vendor marketing (

Taiyaki is beautiful.

I’m no Foodie. But I love these little treats.

If you are not familiar, Taiyaki is a Japanese style treat, which was started by a gentleman in Japan at the turn of the 20th Century. This style of pastry has been a tradition ever since.

It is a pastry that is so memorable to me. I remember eating similar products, in Seoul South Korea, before my family immigrated. It’s such a simple product. Relatively fresh, and only has little white processed sugar. Yum.

It is beloved world over, but most popular in Japan (Taiyaki たい焼き), and in Korea (Bungeoppang 붕어)

Ready for the finish (

The pastry’s recipe is simple: seasoned flour and eggs, sugar, and red azuki beans. The red bean paste is filled within the waffle exterior, cooked in traditional molds.

But it’s the simplicity that is hard to get right. Heat has to be right, the prep of the beans must be thoughtful, and the batter supporting the bean paste to the hilt.

In Japan, it is sold freshly made at street side stands. The steam mixing in the air is dreamy, if you an imagine.

A Taiyaki stand (

A chef at work (


The undisputed gargantuan of Taiyaki shapes is the Fish Shape. Cuteness and deliciousness, in an uncompromising package of goodness, for sure.

However, what are the other shapes that adorn the street vendors in Japan and world wide? Here are the contenders!

The most popular Taiyaki Fish Shape (

Also very popular 'Traditional Pancake' shape (

Walnuts so fun-pular! (

Different colored batter (

Miniatures! (

Hello Kitty anyone?? (

Taiyaki Gundam. Enough said (

Taiyaki Tengu of the Japanese Gods (

So, if you haven’t had one of these delectable delights, please go where it’s available.

Around me (Northern NJ), there is a Japanese styled supermarket named Mitsuwa (9 location nationwide) where we eat these little pockets of heaven. Most of us here in northern NJ and NYC know about the supermarket and its awesome vendors inside. We visit often, for sure.

Also, if this list peaked your interest, please try this YouTube channel to see how a Taiyaki is made. And at the same time this video production will tickle your foodie drool, even more. Fun stuff.


Cheers for now, and I think we’ll head for some Taiyaki next week.

It had never been her intention.

She’d never been so difficult or infatuated at the same time. She had yelled at him. She knew it was wrong. And she knew that the second the words came out of her mouth.

Never before was she so enamored with Blair. He had the most dark of hairs. Just was very handsome. She knew then, what she’d been convinced from afar.

She’d yelled at him. They were now afar, from each other in body and mind.

It had never been her intention.

All images words copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph

My memory of Noel and Claudia’s wedding is as follows:  “family to die for”.

I’ve mentioned before how awesome I thought their family members were. From the two of them and the kids, I believe they are just so lucky to be together.

But it all starts from Noel and Claudia.  The love and affection they have for each other is imminent and evident. They seem like very old souls, holding hands on the new and bright adventure they’d agreed to undertake.

However, all this cannot be complete with out their kids. They are the (sorry for the un-romantic term) ‘cement mix’ in this ultra high-rise project of a family. They will make both Noel and Claudia, even prouder someday.

I know, I know. Too sentimental and unrealistic?? I don’t believe so. The family is rock strong and I was honored to have the opportunity to glimpse (however short), by proxy, a special occasion as this.

Claudia and Noel looked just fabulous. The kids were just gleaming with joy. The parents were so very proud. And the extended family just had so much fun!

For this opportunity, I appreciate you Noel and Claudia, and forever be huge fan!  Hope you know this.


Location:                 Liberty Hall Cathedral of Praise, Brooklyn, NY

Caterer:                   Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors  (Facebook) (Website)

Flowers:                  Joan Forbes

Photographer:         (me) mediaform jasonkim photograph (Facebook) (Website)

All images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph


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