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Sleepbox by Caspar Lohner (Kläusler Acrylstein AG)

Can human beings share a bed together? That is the question.

Well, the subject isn’t about our private bedrooms but how about sharing in the a public space. Lets say an airport, office, or other semi-public location. And what would we say about sharing the bed with strangers, in the effort of seeking temporary shelter, quiet, and possible sleep?

The SleepBox is the ticket then. It is a design by Caspar Lohner and was a piece produced by Klausier Acryistein AG, the sole distributor for HI-MACS in Switzerland. The point of the project was to demonstrate the qualities of the HI-MACS (LG Hausys) material and surround it with contemporary and “organic” design for human spaces.

It surely is a nice design. But would advocates of design in public spaces and weary travelers dwell in such artistic contraption? And would sharing that space with total strangers be something appetizing for the general public?

A beautiful expression, no doubt.  But human behavior says no. Who knows.

Design: Caspar Lohner
Fabrication: Kläusler Acrylstein AG
Material: HI-MACS®, Nordic White 12mm

Source:  Contemporist, LG Hausys, Klausler Acrylstein AG


Social Shower Curtain. (via unpluggd)

Would your spouse tolerate this in your bathroom?  Better question. Would she even let you buy it, in the first place? It’s a dire question, for sure.


Have you ever had a thought like this?

“Man, what can I do with these shipping pallets, I have lying around my house.”

Don’t we all??

In any case, the folks at MOST Architecuture proposed and delivered a most stunning and visually satisfying of designs for indoor office environment.

Functional, practical, lean, mean, and Green focused, the office of BrandBase looks just fantastic.

The beauty, of course is within the mind and heart of what the design implicates. The pallets have been used to create work desk areas for inividual employees, conference desk areas, flooring footprint, plus methods in gettting up and down from floor to floor.

The ingenious and beautiful design surely possesses the ‘wow’ factor for the client’s customers. It surely gets my vote on innovative thinking and outside of the box execution.

I commend such designs, and I am jealous I’m not rich enough to have a space that I can use such artistic inspirations.

To make it even more “Euro Chic”, the top office has some IKEA shelving furniture for good measure. Yum.

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