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Canon 1D X (Canon USA)

Canon calls their 1D X, the “Ultimate EOS” camera.

The new flagship EOS line camera boasts an impressive number of upgrades. In addition to its 18.1 Megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, it carries productive Dual DIGIC 5+ image processors responsible for delivering high quality images at 12 fps-14fps in Super High Speed Mode. A powerful ISO range from 100-51,2000 and up to extreme 204,800 ISO (in H2 mode), brings lower noise capacity in low light situations. An all new 61 point HDR AF system and a 100,000 pixel RGB metering sensor with its own dedicated DIGIC 4 processor, promises to have the 1D X deliver on speed and accuracy on the highest levels.

Digic 5+ processors (Canon USA)

In addition, the 1D X allows improved HD video capture functions. The 1D X has been durability tested to 400,000 cycles.

It is scheduled to be available for purchase by March of 2012, priced to be at $7,000.

Impressive yes, but the jury seems to be out on whether this high end photographer’s tool has a place with high end photographers. The only way to find out is several months to a year from now.

Lets see what the market says.

Official Canon Promotional Video.

1D X (shutter speed demo)

1D Mk.III (shutter speed demo)

1D Mk.IV (shutter speed demo)


I carry my camera almost every time I leave my apartment. My favorite camera depends on my mood (makes a big difference) and what kind of photographs I believe I want to take in that outing (this day I had my DSLR with me with my trusty 50mm).

It’s a philosophy (a philosophy many photogs dwell) and a habit which has been drilled in. It’s like when you don’t have your wrist watch on (for those of you who always are used to wearing them). Just feels like something’s missing.

Anyway, yesterday (on my way to Newark) it was one of those days I was very glad to have my camera with me. And it isn’t because there was an abundant amount of subjects I particularly wanted to take images of, but that I would have been very bored.

The photos you see below are ones taken from a very, very, very long traffic halt. It wasn’t overly unpleasant, but I did thank my lucky stars I went to the bathroom prior. It was that long.

See, the images don’t have to have spectacular weight (at least in personal/fun mode). As you can see, these are just items you’d see behind any traffic: barriers, rails, trucks, trailers, tires, bumpers, inside of my car, sky, etc.

But it’s a rolling story. It’s not a very compelling story, but it is a story- snapped & communicated within a 5 image frame. Nothing complicated but a total personal moment in time, explained in ‘paragraphs’, within the 5. No more, no less (because it’s my story). Not clear always mind you. However, we photogs always try our best. =D

Oh, by the last image of the sky, is when I lifted my head up to say to myself, “Finally!”

Then I was on my way to Newark. The Brick City!

Fun, isn’t it? Yep. I agree.

AAll images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph


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