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According to the International News Safety Institute, there have been a total of 80 journalists who have died in covering the war in Iraq, including 56 Iraqi journalists.

“Every single civilian death in this war is to be mourned, but a free press is critical for a free and fearless society. Hopes of a new democracy rising from the ashes of post-Saddam Iraq are being buried alongside these brave reporters,” said INSI Director Rodney Pinder.

The others who’d died originated from:  Algeria, Argentina (2), Australia (2), Britain (3), Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan (2), Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Spain (2), Ukraine and the United States (4).


Most recently 2 journalists died in Syria‘s ever escalating violence.

American journalist Marie Colvin, and French photojournalist Remi Ochlik died in a shelling of their media compound located inside Homs. Colvin is a veteran war correspondent

Colvin was 55.

Ochlik was 30.


[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Marie Colvin’s last report.


[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Seems to be actual video account from denouncer of violence in Homs. In the background looks to be the bodies of Colvin and Ochlik. However, unconfirmed.

Reminder again of how dangerous and uncompromising war coverage can be. Unfortunately, she herself became part of the “murders”, as she put it, today.


Doomsday Clock press conference Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (

Well, it’s not a science. Or is it?

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists issued a statement indicating that the Dooms Day Clock had been forwarded a full 2 minutes, closer to the dangerous Mid-Night hour.

The group had determined this because of the dangers of Global Warming and “rogue countries like North Korea and Iran– implicating them as the major culprit in the change in time.  Nuclear dangers and bio-security are listed as well.

If you are interested in the ORIGIN of the clock, go HERE.

Serious stuff indeed.

Sources:  TIME Science, TreeHugger.Com, TheBulletin.Org, Al Jezzera

In 2011, there were 20% more journalists jailed than the prior year.  A total of 179 writers, editors and photojournalists were jailed on December 1. An increase from 145 in 2010, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said.

The countries that were the biggest offenders were:  Iran, Eritrea, and ChinaMyanmar, Vietnam, Turkey and Syria.

CPJ said the global total is the highest it has been since 1996, when the group counted 185 jailed journalists after Turkey cracked down on ethnic Kurdish reporters.

Additional CPJ Stats:

  • Arrested Since 1992:          892
  • 2011 Imprisoned TTL:       179
  • 2011 Death TTL:                 45

LINK:  Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

• Azerbaijan: 1
• Bahrain: 1
• Burma: 12
• Burundi: 1
• China: 27
• Egypt: 2
• Eritrea: 28
• Ethiopia: 7
• Gambia: 1
• India: 2
• Iran: 42
• Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory: 7
Ivory Coast: 4
• Kazakhstan: 1
• Kyrgyzstan: 1
• Libya: 1
• Morocco: 2
• Rwanda: 2
• Sudan: 4
• Syria: 8
• Thailand: 1
• Turkey: 8
• Uzbekistan: 5
• Vietnam: 9
• Yemen: 2


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