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The International Space Station streaks past the moon (Lauren Harnett / NASA) <Enlarge to see Closer>

NASA photographer Lauren Harnett took the photos separately, composited them and here is the result.

Stunning (as any space image are to be), beautiful (the station is so small!), and tickles the imagination (even if one isn’t into this kind of stuff).


Read & View more:  The Huffington Post, NASA


We’ve all had those days.

Getting up we think “there’s just too much stuff in my apartment”.

And then we think, “oh well, what can I do. There’s just no room anymore”.

But there are solutions out there. It’s just that we, mortals, have no idea about these solutions.

Most of us live in dwellings that are always “smaller” than what we’d “ideally” like. There’s not enough room on the kitchen table, not enough space for the bicycles, there’s not enough space for all the clothes we own.

Unfortunately, space and the perceive “lack” of space, has been a philosophical battle for most of human history. A statement that would be agreed with by most anthropologists in the world.

So, what do we humans do with this perpetual and annoying problem?

We get like Transformers, and shape shift like Bumble Bee.

Basically, industrial design experts are cool (I’m in awe of the Dyson vacuum cleaner designer, actually). They think of best-of methods and put them into practical and efficient terms. The output is delivered as products and solutions that could serve the populous.

In this case, solving the space issue in a home.

Of course, there are many solutions to problems like our living space. Not all of us can afford to solve them, however.

But the point is that there are solutions, and ideas for our challenges.

And isn’t that a cool thing in itself? Heck, at least we can dream…

Now, on to the interior design porn, shall we?


Karen Babel

Staircase with storage, built for compact comfort. (

Desk and best in wall. Some futuristic stuff, no? (

Loft at compact finest. (

Not your typical spiral stair case. (

Make your own loft. Desk, bed, & living room. (

Don't forget about the kitchen. (

Use your bed as part of the decoration. (Karen Babel via

Classic folding wall table, redone. (

Bathroom too small? Collapse that shower. (

Wasted space no more. Get those stair cases optimized. (


Fascination of time and space. Falling forward without a trace.

Warm with caress. To it I embrace.

Come to me tenderly, tumbling and tumbling hand in hand.

All words and images copyright mediaform jasonkim photograph

What is your awesome website you’d like to share?

Now, my qualifications of what an awesome website is, is that it is just curious (whether useless), fabulous (whether practical), and/or stupendous (although simple)!  I don’t have any particular categories to go by, at the moment, for this is just a quick way to relay my thoughts to you all, through my online searches.  The list presented every week should be flexible and fluctuate, depending on my collected mood   =D

But one things for sure, I’d like to keep with sites that we don’t normally see in our normal search routines.

And of course, I may include some remarks, comments, or some snark remark-a-comment to each link. You never know.


Now, what I will ask of you all, is what website(s) you think is/are awesome, in your eyes!

After all, in some estimates, there are close to 300 Million websites existing in this online universe we love.

Let me know!

Well, here’s my first list. Check ’em out!

GAS BUDDY  (– love tracking your gas? Here’s a source.

HODAR (– weather you never see on ABC-7 Accuweather.

ONEMOTION (– somethings you’d never thought you’d do with your mouse.

USGS (– what are floods, droughts, Geospatial Analysis. Oh my!

NEWSEUM (– particular twist on a very cool museum for media & news outputs.

NASA (– see how the new generation of space exploration has been defined.

EARTHCAM (– street voyeurism on an international and intercontinental scale.

ACCESSORY GEEKS (– you got an iPhone right? An Android phone?! What da!

RECORD TRIPPING (– so cool I felt like Jam-Master Jay.

RETAIL ME NOT (– you like coupons! I’ll show you coupons!


Any comments?? Let me know!



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