It is what it is.  But it’s now time to do this thing.

I am a human being after all.  Passionate, dedicated, focused, and sometimes just very sleepy.  I have faults and I know 100% of other human beings out there have their undeniable faults as well. 

But I’m not here to talk about mine or others’ faults (that just gets this post out of wack).

And why write this weird intro to this particular post?  

Just because…

Plus, I just wanted to let people know that I’m converting this particular blog into a written blog…primarily. 

You know sometimes I have stuff to talk about and sometimes, I just need another method of communication than just relying on my photographic work (heck, writing is most of time quicker to produce, anyways).

Here I’ll promise myself (foremost), to write about anything and everything that crosses my eyeball path- throwing sometimes a bit of real journalism and mixing it up with many times cross dressed musings, within a puree of much maligned news aggregation. 

And why not. 

Because sometimes, I have an itch to talk as much about drug lords in Honduras and about South Korea’s KPop scene.  

Hope to squeeze out some good, with some of the bad.