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The HSPPC (Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Committee) decided to cancel the event for 2012. They deemed the pre-emptive decision by the city to move the event from a weekend event, to a weekday, to have been “insulting and intolerant”.

The Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Committee announced on their website, “After a long, arduous and sad meeting, the committee has decided to cancel the 2012 Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade.”

In a “not so hidden” jab at the Hoboken Mayor‘s administration, especially toward Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the announcement continued:

“We chose not to go to court and not to continue to negotiate over the heavy-handedness of one person. The idea of marching in a parade, in the dark, on a week night, is as insulting as it is unreasonable. While we remain devoted to our heritage, we love our city too much to lower ourselves to the level of those who speak from a place of ignorance and ethnic/religious intolerance.”

The bitter quarrel between the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Parade Committee and the Mayor’s office, ensued after the 2011 parade, there were 34 arrests and nearly 300 citations spread out, despite prior police notice by the city. All punctuated with several women claiming sexual harassment.  The mayor exclaimed that the city’s responsibilities is to the citizens, and to “reduce the amount of partying that occurs”.  Quickly there after,  a subsequent decision by the city was laid to relocate the parade to a weekday, sparking resistance and animosity.

The Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade had been one of the largest destination for external residents for many years.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Lady Gaga celebrate the new year in Times Square (Jason Kempin / Getty Images)

Did you guys see it?

It was at the New Year’s Eve party in Time Square midtown Manhattan, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg and pop star Lady GaGa smooched the (in)famous one. Even better was that it was done near in vicinity to Bubba Gump restaurant (I just like saying that name so).

Unfortunately, I missed the live broadcast (although I did catch their “dancing” together, which was very very awkward to watch).

But fortunately, one of our fine photojournalists named Jason Kempin captured the good smooch on his fine digital goodness. Yum.

Kudos to both Bloomberg and GaGa. Kudos. Both a match made in New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Eve Rock & Roll!

And Happy New Year to all. Hope the first new year’s days have gone fine, so far.


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