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The NY Post learned from a source describing, “Five pounds of cooked mashed potatoes, meanwhile, were left out at a temperature of 89 degrees, while 10 pounds of cooked rice and 50 turkey burgers were kept at 67 degrees”.

The source further added, “The refrigerator was at a rancid 60 degrees instead of 41 — jeopardizing the safety of 50 pounds of raw chicken wings, five pounds of raw shrimp and 100 turkey burgers”.

Right out of the latest “Kitchen Nightmares” episode, the 40/40 club, famous for its glitzy star studded events and for its famous rapper/producer Jay-Z, accumulated 69 health code violations before being shut down by inspectors for the second time.

The city has a health code violation tolerance of 28, until a vendor is relegated to a “C” status.

Couple of nights ago, the club re-launched celebrating its $10 million make over, with a star drenched gala. Highly respected guests, like Warren Buffett was a guest.

Ron Berkowitz, a spokesman for the club, and commenting on the health violations indicated, there wasn’t any “interruptions to service”.

Now, the bigger question is, why hadn’t the city already given the violation ridden 40/40 Club a “C” rating, long ago?

Mysteries will never cease.

Kitchen Nightmare featurette:

Here is one of Jay Z classic vids:

And an adoption into Battlefield 3 game from EA.



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