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We all like Betty White.

We all know her from the Golden Girls and most recent “obsession” by Hollywood and viewers/admirers alike, of her.

She was recently featured in a bit at the Golden Globes and she was a hit, as always.

Betty’s a dynamic gem of a person who, I’m sure will work until her last. That’s a good thing, because we all need a little Betty White in our lives, even if it was for a minute or two- reminding us how we still can push and flourish, no matter how old one becomes.




This series of meme viral videos had hit us with a ton of bricks, since the first popular series was done by a duo for “Sh*t Girls Say”.

This one gently and tenderly reminds us what we innocently say “in our minds”, but do not blurt out in public? Or do we not say these things at all? If we did, it would be embarassing at the least and confusing to our friends and family, at the most.

We’re a wacky species, sometimes.

But in the name of commerce and the capitalistic way, the human race invents products to solve problems. And sometimes, the application just doesn’t fit where it should be.


Yes. You know that product. The product advertised and used by the public for home cleaning and sanitizing (and to make wood furnishing shiny and bright) was used in a very “sensitive area”. Can you believe it was marketed as women’s cleansing product to prevent and cure vaginal infections? Wow.


Yep. It’s not only for moving and then rewarding yourself with some cacophonic bubble burstings. The original use of bubble wrap was for sound absorption in houses and rooms.  It was even marketed to the chic as Actual wall paper for their homes.

Now we are addicted to popping. Forget about the walls, we’ve got iPhone App games!


You know, when you have walls, you need to clean them. And the first thing we all think of to clean them with would be?  Yes. Play-Doh, that chemically pungent clay-like greasy mess of a toy, for the tots in all of us, used to be marketed as a cleaner.

Imagine in our modern times, a company doing this and then marketing to children, without change in chemical properties?

Well, glad Play-Doh was invented in the 1930’s, eh?


Ah. What would we do with out cork screws to open our bottle of $14 wines with. Then in our attempt quickly get off target and break off the cork, half still being stuck in the bottle. Oh, cork screw, how we love thee.

But our modern day enemy mini, had a more noble and grand responsibility:  Bullet Remover.

Not from bodies, but the bullets that became stuck in the actual gun. I guess the guns back then were pretty bad.

Well, cheers! But we like opening without a cork screw, better.


The original name for WD-40 was “Water Dispersement, 40th attempt”. Has a nice twang to it, don’t it? But seriously, the scientists who invented this product was on a mission to prevent metals from rusting. Because rusting is not good on Missiles. Yep, they were working on preventing the premature destruction of missiles built to protect this land. They succeeded for sure.

But it had must more used in the home, as we know. Now, we all use it to unscrew that thing-of-a-bob, and unhinge that chimmy-changa, from that wacka-mole that just broke the entrence key.

2,000 + uses and counting.

Source:  Cracked.Com

The Stills.

As always, it is a segment described and defined by marketers pushing and tearing into our everyday egos, nurturing purchase movements and erotic zones. Touching, caressing, titillating, beckoning- exciting our everyday senses for that impulse buy.

Lifestyle is a powerful branding environment. Once established, it sucks out other extraneous competitive distractions, concentrating and forcefully disembowling the notion of what “we stand for” means.

Stripped of that original notion; stripped of that original intent- life becomes simple, simpler, simplest – with that lifestyle brand, on the shoulder, or on the back, or dangling on the neck.

Nothing else matters any longer. Nothing else (no other equal or greater brand) is significant enough.

We head forth, with headstrong notions, noting every pulse of brand solitude and convinced of truth. Foreboding and flooding waves of amplitude- washing and cleaning and intoxicating the senses- numb with fear and numb with exultant triumph. That brand is it. That brand is now the lifestyle.


Head Phones represent one of the cornerstones of coolness and lifestyle correctness.

These new brands focused on the market that was so popular with the first Sony Walkman– the early tweens to early 30 year old demographic. These headphones are ultra modern in design, livery, marketing, and all connected with “cool” music categories like hip-hop, new jazz, and rap, etc.

The success is in the number of competitors whom flooded the market for that share of the pie.

Some good stuff, I say. At least in a competitive sense.

Here is a list of them. Shop away!

  • Beats                    Founded 2008       HQ Newburyport, MA (USA)
  • Skullcandy            Founded 2003       HQ Park City, UT (USA)
  • Frends                  Founded 2010       HQ Encinitas, CA (USA)
  • AiAiAi                     Founded 2006       HQ Copenhagan (Denmark)
  • House of Marley     Founded 2011      HQ Scottsdale, AZ (USA)
  • Eskuche                Founded 2008       HQ Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  • WeSC                   Founded 1999        HQ Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Urbanears             Founded 2008        HQ Stockholm (Sweden)

Tour Poster (Sunbears)

The band:            Sunbears!

The kitch:            Jacksonville FL band, making good.

The label:            New Grenada

The Facebook:    Sunbears!

We’ve all done it.

Let’s try our best not to Texting While Walking.

No promises, however…

Clock Opera. Just cool music by the London based group (

The London based group is named CLOCK OPERA.

The song, “Once and For all”.

Website:  ClockOpera.Com

Tim Tebow (theWashingtonTimes)

It’s official (well, even more official).

Tim Tebow, with or without his quirks, is officially a Super Star in the NFL. And the media’s loving it.

This is his first real year of action, in the NFL, and has helped push the previously rudderless Denver Broncos to the 2012 playoffs and winning a thrilling overtime game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The next fight is this coming Saturday against the respected New England Patriots.

Well, in TV advertising ‘speak’, the overtime win over the Pittsburgh on CBS Sunday drew a “whopping 25.9 overnight — up 36% from last year’s comparable coverage”, posted USA Today. Overall, the NFL is doing just dandy, so far drawing some impressive viewership numbers in 2011, as well.

Now, congratulations to Tebow and the NFL. The two winners are to show off their stuff again against Tom Brady. Lets see what and how it happens.


As for the media, they live for this stuff. Not only the ‘success’ of players, but the potential ‘downfall & disappointment’ of players.

The world is divided into the two, unfortunately. And ‘adversity’ and ‘face plants’ are a staple in selling news. It draws the viewers. It rolls in the ratings.

This time, especially with Tebow (in a high), the potential on field “scandal” is even more palpable and drool-worthy for the media, at large.

The target on Tebow’s back is the size of Florida.

  • Super star collegiate, multi championship winner.
  • NFL pre-debut star
  • NFL debut “at the helm” star
  • NFL “savior” for a previously ‘ignored’ francise
  • NFL’s #1 spokes person for Jesus and the Evangelical community’s message

It’s a gigantic story, which has an upside for the media, good or bad for Tebow.

The likely script (to sweeten the offer) for the media would be:

  1. Tebow wins against a previous powerhouse, the Steelers (done)
  2. Tebow wins BAD, getting frustrated and looking amateur, against the last decade’s perennial championship winner, the Patriots. Public praise of Brady surges, and Tebow’s efforts given “considerate excuse” (we’ll see)
  3. Then, in 2012, and inthe 2013 playoffs, Tebow comes back…overcoming adversity, struggles, self doubt, excuses, crushing expectations.  Whoosh… he wins his way to the Super Bowl (intrigue continues).

Tebow can go to the Super Bowl this year- who knows. But the media, is salivating, in either case. It’s like making money in the New York Stock Exchange, in both bullish and bearish environments. The interest is more about the “gray middle”, where the grip of the story means much.  The media loves stories and fairy tale stories.

Better yet,  “Hollywood-like” movie scripts, with protagonists and dragon slayers- with ‘triumphant’ rhetoric and undertones is the ticket desired.

It’s the way it is.  The media is crossing their fingers.

Don’t blame them, because we the public drink this stuff up, no?

Sources:  USAToday, ESPN, The Washington Times

Dedicated to all Yogis everywhere. Bet many of these things resonate.




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