As always, it is a segment described and defined by marketers pushing and tearing into our everyday egos, nurturing purchase movements and erotic zones. Touching, caressing, titillating, beckoning- exciting our everyday senses for that impulse buy.

Lifestyle is a powerful branding environment. Once established, it sucks out other extraneous competitive distractions, concentrating and forcefully disembowling the notion of what “we stand for” means.

Stripped of that original notion; stripped of that original intent- life becomes simple, simpler, simplest – with that lifestyle brand, on the shoulder, or on the back, or dangling on the neck.

Nothing else matters any longer. Nothing else (no other equal or greater brand) is significant enough.

We head forth, with headstrong notions, noting every pulse of brand solitude and convinced of truth. Foreboding and flooding waves of amplitude- washing and cleaning and intoxicating the senses- numb with fear and numb with exultant triumph. That brand is it. That brand is now the lifestyle.


Head Phones represent one of the cornerstones of coolness and lifestyle correctness.

These new brands focused on the market that was so popular with the first Sony Walkman– the early tweens to early 30 year old demographic. These headphones are ultra modern in design, livery, marketing, and all connected with “cool” music categories like hip-hop, new jazz, and rap, etc.

The success is in the number of competitors whom flooded the market for that share of the pie.

Some good stuff, I say. At least in a competitive sense.

Here is a list of them. Shop away!

  • Beats                    Founded 2008       HQ Newburyport, MA (USA)
  • Skullcandy            Founded 2003       HQ Park City, UT (USA)
  • Frends                  Founded 2010       HQ Encinitas, CA (USA)
  • AiAiAi                     Founded 2006       HQ Copenhagan (Denmark)
  • House of Marley     Founded 2011      HQ Scottsdale, AZ (USA)
  • Eskuche                Founded 2008       HQ Los Angeles, CA (USA)
  • WeSC                   Founded 1999        HQ Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Urbanears             Founded 2008        HQ Stockholm (Sweden)