Ballmer CEO of Microsoft with presenter Ryan Seacrest @ CES 2012 (

In the 2012 edition of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Microsoft made the news for issues that weren’t really ideal for one of tech’s behemoths.

As usual, Steve Ballmer did his presentation with over zealous and over the top ‘pump up’ festival energy. Which is always expected.  They had the glitzy guest presenter (this time Ryan Seacrest) and keynote kitch and hooks.

But this year, the overwhelming news about Microsoft was the “end of participation” at future CES events.

Why? There are many. As eWeek.Com’s Don Reisinger explains, there are marketing questions which doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to attend the event any longer- at least for the foreseeable future.

And experience, this kind of inquiry goes on in many companies and marketing departments, throughout the world. No matter how big the show is (and how important it had been for the company) sometimes, the vision of the show and the needs of the vendor just don’t mix any longer.

But it’s by no means the end of any dominance of Microsoft. They will loom in the tech field for a long long time- no doubt.

So, Microsoft said good bye. A ‘swan song’ as the press have dubbed it.

Anyways, the more interesting news on this “swan song” situation, is the odd and a bit awkward approach to Microsoft’s presentation.

Take a look. See what you think.

It sums up how Microsoft is sometimes:  Big Idea, Great Participants, but Awkward at times.

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