Nice cover.

It’s a counter intuitive, contrast ridden, “opposites attract” kind of cover. A followup story from TIME about the perplexing problem (challenge) of Mitt Romney and the unenviable position of being just “plain”, for the GOP base.

Very representative of Romney. Awesome job TIME.

The more presentable and presidential, one might add, compared to the other masses of GOP presidential candidates, the problem of the big old 25% approval rating haunts him to no end.

But that’s alright with Romney. He’s played his tactics right during the GOP caucus. But mostly, he’d just played his normal ‘hand’ and his surrounding competitors crumbled.

Ultimately, it’s a political game and there’s only one focus for Romney and the other remaining GOP candidates. Which is to be picked to go up against the Democrats and Obama.

Should be heck of a fight, to the White House, whether it be Romney or whom else.

Well, at least very entertaining.

The media thinks so, and they’re salivating and foaming.

Here it is. Ok. Saw it. Now, does it really matter?

What do you’all think?

Romney Cover. (TIME)