What has happened the last decade?

Wasn’t the canibalizing of the Big East several years ago by the ACC (getting VTech, Miami) supposed to strengthen its resolve in big games as the BCS bowl games?

Stats show since the 1998-99 season, the ACC has recorded a 2-13 record. That is 2 wins to 13 losses in the league member schools’ BCS appearances.

That is worse than what the Big East has done (7-7), or even what the Big 12 had done (9-10). And both the Big East and the Big 12, nationally, is scene by the public as “softer” conferences- lacking the seemingly stronger NCAA football glory pedigree.

Worse off, percentage wise, the ACC is worse than the WAC (2-1), and MWC (3-1).

Well, this year’s BCS bowl campaign for the ACC has been dismal as well. Both Virgina Tech and Clemson were beaten by Michigan (Big Ten) and West Virginia (Big East), respectively.

ACC’s other non-BCS bowl campaigns total stands at 2-3 this year, ending with a disappointing 2-5.

BCS bowl totals by conferences since 1998-1999 (ESPN)