Swedish journalists Johan Persson, left, and Martin Schibbye (Jonas Gratzer/Kontinent A/AFP/Getty Images) via Guardian UK

Freelance photojournalist Johan Persson (29) and freelance journalist Martin Schibbye (31), were found guilty by an Ethiopian court.

The two Swedish journalists were captured in June (2011) already crossed illegally into Ethiopia, embedded with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebel group, allegedly investigating human rights abuses linked to the exploitation of oil from that region, surrounding refugees. They’d tagged along with the rebel insurgence group, to be guided along the region. The ONLF has been fighting the established government for control, since the 1970’s.

Ethiopia recently officially designated the ONLF as a terrorist organisation, complimenting other precedence.

Amnesty International has called on Ethiopia to release the two, immediately and unconditionally.

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