In this image taken Saturday Dec. 31, 2011 Molly the dog walks amongst the dead herring on a beach at Kvaenes northern Norway. Norwegians were puzzled on New Year's Eve, tens if not hundreds of thousands of dead herrings carpeted a coastal stretch in northern Norway. Speculations began whether predators had driven a huge school ashore. Or if a powerful storm with hurricane-strength winds that hit Norway on Dec. 25 had washed the creatures ashore. (AP Photo/Jan Petter Jørgensen / Scanpix / Norway)

Dead Herrings Carpet Beach. Then Disappear.

On Monday, the Associated Press reported that about 20 tons of dead Norwegian herring washed ashore, covering the local beach.

The local populace was baffled at the unusual covering of dead fish “carpeting a beach in the northerly district of Nordreisa“.

Scientists were disappointed when all of the dead fish disappeared suddenly, prior to samples being collected.

Dooms Day believers reacted differently, by summoning that the 2012 predictions of the Mayans were truly coming to pass.

The actual cause of the “disturbance” won’t be known for a long while, for the only official explanation has been that the mounds of herring were evacuating themselves from the deep waters to escape the clutches of their predators.

Was it an act of “Death by Swarm”? Who knows. We, humans, may never find out, for there can be multiple causes for behavior witnessed.

For now, the scientists and speculators will think about all of the fish that died and disappeared, in a blink of many Norwegian eyes.

LINK:      The Kansas City Star

Herring Breaking Wind?

Just for your entertainment, here’s a clip on the possible communicative methods of herrings in the open waters. Herring may communicate by “breaking wind”. In other words, “farting” to us mortals.

Hey, it’s a huge ocean they dwell in. Can’t blame earth’s animals from using everything they’ve got to communicate. Wish some couples did the same, don’t you?