Ah. The Golf Swing.

The mystery, for us mortals, which often give false hopes on the range and on the golf course. For us mortals, the golf swing lets us down, too many times. But sometimes we get that one beautiful strike, and our ‘hate’ for the golf swing dissipates in to the ether. Just to be disappointed and as angry at it, on the next tee.

It’s a mystery to us many time, but in PGA land, there are many golfers whom exemplify beautiful golf swings. And just like anything professional, there’s always that element of awe and inspiration to them.

The golf swing is nothing like anything else. It is a fluid art form, wrapped in tin foil majestic (especially in slo-mo).

From the set up, to the back swing, to the ‘cocking’ at the top, then the crisp and direct down swing, which inevitably strike that synthetic art form of a golf ball, in a precise angle.

Then the product of that pro swing is a sharp and controlled trajectory of that projectile in to the atmosphere, tidily crushing the air flow and gently landing on the exact spot determined just seconds ago.

Well, a good swing is a thing of beauty. Below are the Top 5 Golf Swings.An opinion piece, I know, but you get the idea.

Here are Luke Donald, Tom WatsonRetief Goosen, Ernie Els, and Adam Scott, showing us all how a golf swing should be done.