It’s that time. This happens every other year, it seems.

Meryl Streep has a new movie out. It’s named “The Iron Lady“, a history churning, “makes me feel triumphant”, dark-ish, “go get ’em” of a movie, being displayed through out these United States.

The Iron Lady movie poster.

Meryl Streep again is out to recreate another of one of western history’s most vitriolic and at the same time triumphant, example of a leader, Margaret Thatcher (Prime Minister of UK from 1979-1990).  The movie takes place in the years drawn out by the Cold War and militaristic bureaucratic ideologies splattered on the walls of all major governments world wide, as a back drop. It journals the road Thatcher took, to popularity, power, and influence.

It’s secure that Streep (the consumate Oscar winner and actress steeped in worldly respect from the public and within) will again seek out a leaping forward performance, possibly trouncing other Oscar competitors in her wake.

As a comparison, below are 2 vids. One of the movie trailer, and one of the Real “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher in Parliamentary action.

Do believe, Meryl Streep does it again. Her accent and study of Thatcher’s manerisms is outstanding. Her make up crew has out done themselves with the mouth implants as well.

But there’s more.  

Can you believe, she’s a fashion muse at the moment. The fashion world is using her as a signal of fashion faction.

Model Ikeliene Stange in Peter Jensen Resort 2012; Meryl Streep with Woody Allen in Manhattan (via Racked.Com & La Garconne Blog)

January 2012 issue with Meryl Streep on Cover. Oldest model on cover ever for Vogue. (via RadarOnline.Com)

Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady) was on the cover of Vogue (January issue), as the magazine’s oldest cover woman ever (she’s 62).

And how did she become a muse? Well, Danish designer Peter Jensen said so of his work on this season’s work for La Garconne, that’s how. His inspiration was rubbed out from the appearance of the movie star back in her “Kramer vs. Kramer” movie era.

The apparel will be available in only 12 select location in the US for retail purchase, including La Garconne, Opening Ceremony, and Ten Over Six.

The Star:               Meryl Streep

The Designer:        Peter Jensen

Shop:                   La Garconne, Opening Ceremony, Ten Over Six

Sources:               Racked.Com, La Garconne Blog, RadarOnline.Com