Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Lady Gaga celebrate the new year in Times Square (Jason Kempin / Getty Images)

Did you guys see it?

It was at the New Year’s Eve party in Time Square midtown Manhattan, when Mayor Michael Bloomberg and pop star Lady GaGa smooched the (in)famous one. Even better was that it was done near in vicinity to Bubba Gump restaurant (I just like saying that name so).

Unfortunately, I missed the live broadcast (although I did catch their “dancing” together, which was very very awkward to watch).

But fortunately, one of our fine photojournalists named Jason Kempin captured the good smooch on his fine digital goodness. Yum.

Kudos to both Bloomberg and GaGa. Kudos. Both a match made in New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Eve Rock & Roll!

And Happy New Year to all. Hope the first new year’s days have gone fine, so far.