Retrode 2. Your key to 1990's home gaming glory days. (

Remember the good old days of the Sega Genesis Game System or the icon Nintendo SNES?

Yes. Back then I dressed with some fab 1990’s fashion, hair cut, and dueled my brother with our awesome Sega Genesis gaming system.

Remember these?  After Burner IIAir Buster, Altered Beast, Back To The Future III, Bulls vs. BlazersDouble Dragon II, FIFA Soccer, Gauntlet IV, Ghostbusters, Hardball, Joe Montana FootballMadden NFL, Paper Boy , Sonic the Hedge Hog, Tony La Russa Baseball… WOW.

Good times.

For my brother and I, the Sega Genesis took over where our previous game console was Vectrex (an equally awesome self contained game system).


So, what to do when the Genesis or old Super Nintendo game consoles had already been tossed out the window years ago?

The solution’s called Retrode 2. It is a cartridge reader which let you play the old ROM cartridges on your current computer.

Neat, eh? And it’s only $85 and I think it’s all worth it. Because if you have been itching to get back to less than 16bit gaming, you have another chance with this awesome device.


As mentioned, the Retrode 2 has been designed to play both Nintendo SNES and Sega GENESIS cartridges. That means you can play all the games you’d want!


If you don’t have any cartridges, but want to get back into the classic 1990’s gaming titans, there are locations where you can still go and purchase. Visit HERE for details. Don’t worry, they’re very cheap.