I am a hip hop novice.

I sure don’t listen to the genre much, but when I do, I want to share the experience.

And stylists like Koncept is just the ticket. And boy, does this song bring some good arrangements.

For me, this song (Aspirations) just gets me grooving to the point of getting energized. The song inspired by Koncepts surroundings and the protagonists whom affected his upbringing, surely describes and conveys his ambitions (I like the album cover as well. Quirky, altruistic in a weird way, and fun).

Oh and that’s Brooklyn dweller Soul Kahn, being very “guest-rapper-y” in this video. Of course, supporting his good friend Koncept.

Also, good job by J57 on the editing and optimizing of the video. The cutaways and slow-mo actions make this very low budget video a very good match to the music, itself.

Watch it in this video by Koncept. Here is ‘Aspirations’.

Awaken by Koncept (iamKoncept.Com)

Artist:                   Koncept

Album:                 awaken

Featuring:             Sene

Producer:             J57

Label:                  Soulspazm

Website:              iamKoncept.Com