Hate people looking or sneaking a peek over your shoulder while you are concentrating to create the most fantabulous work, in the world?

One quirky, but possibly efficient way to state: “Get the F away from me”, and at the same time give a nice little virtual birdie to your half wit co-workers, is the EFI. It is a design by Mathieu Servais and it’s a kicker.

The EFI is a self sphere protector for more privacy. Convenience of noise diluting foam and Internet/Social connectivity while activated, makes this one of the most bizarre and tasty design ideas.

Via YankoDesign.Com

Visit the designer at mathieuservais.com

Look at that beautiful shade of green... (www.mathieuservais.com)

Online service while your shades are down. (www.mathieuservais.com)

Nope. Not a huge lamp. But a "stop peeking" advertisement. (www.mathieuservais.com)

Alien in its looks, but possibly conceptually practical. (www.mathieuservais.com)