Like all lyrics of a song, from a rock and roll icon or not, can (sometimes) not possess the kind of meaning that one reflects the lyrics to have.

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The song is “Fire in the Sky” by Ozzy Osbourne. Yes. I am a fan of Ozzy Osbourne. Have been a listener of his work ever since my first encounter with “heavy rock”, “metal”, or “heavy metal” (well, at least for the likes of early 1990’s.

As a short intro, I’d been into “heavy metal” music and groups since freshman in high school. It was certainly not “in the cards” for a Korean-American to be a fan of such persuasion. But it did happen.  As kids do, we struck to many of the time’s biggest musical trends. I happened to be into the “rock and roll / metal” phase.

And you know, I never lost it. For me, a great kick-ass rock music just tops a mood, I’d happen to have at that moment. Especially, when I was in a great mood.


Well, as I’d said, Ozzy was one of my “influencers” within the rock world (as he was to millions of others). Now, I wasn’t dripping mad about his work and idolized him. But I did love his work.

And “Fire in the Sky” was one of those “early stuff”. What a composition.


“Fire in the Sky”, to me is about our hidden angsts, which were born out of our travels through our lives lived.

From the time when we were born, we had zero expectations of what life would bruise us with. But quickly we are jarred, hit, startled, and ultimately damaged. In small increments or large, the damage is fully identifiable from an emotional and idiosyncratic symposium.

We see this all the time from our basic cable TV stations. Our closest and most identifyable fears are played out in “reality TV” shows every day and every night.

The shows are numerous:  “Hoarders“, “Too Fat for 15”, “Super Nanny“, “Cops”, “UFOs Over Earth”,  to name a few.

And I think from a very myopic viewpoint, the lyrics describe our emotional wreckage that is within each of us. Some large, some small- but all poignant and unforgettable.

“The introduction to his heartache began as a child” describes such start to our lives after birth. What kind of path in life can be clearly influenced the moment of our birth, for it is just pure luck that we get to be born in the situation our mothers bore us.

As many studies have documented in the past and current, we are slates that haven’t been hardened and whenever we are thrown negative or positive actions, it has in effect been recored and harden into that slate.

It’s not all negative, but not all is positive, as well.

For a human being, living and surviving in this reality we call Earth, an emotional crumbling (of the walls) is the final devistation we all don’t want to go through. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain and causes, but emotional breakdowns are final, no matter how you get there.

The “Castles” as Ozzy sings, is what I think of when I think of that very formidable but ultimately fragile “emotional and mental constitution”.

The words Ozzy sings aren’t very definitive. But they are clear for what they are.


A call for help. A call for assistance, can come without crying and/or yelling out.  We humans are very weird that way. We are very fragile animals, from this view point.  Millions go through this, in every country, everyday.

“The Fire in the Sky” hits that emotional note with great instrumentals. Oh and the guitar is by Zakk Wylde– an awesome guitarist. At least IMO.


The introduction to his heartache began as a child
So it’s no wonder that he grew up to be so wild
So he protected his feelings in walls he imagined
But castles crumble exposing the frightened child

Fire in the sky
Can’t you see that all my castles are burning
Fire in the sky
Won’t you help me now my castles are burning

In solitude he couldn’t deal with his own existence
The burning questions in the castles have still remained
God only knows how he searched in vain for the answers
Now castles crumble exposing his naked flames, yeah

Fire in the sky
Can’t you see that all my castles are burning
Fire in the sky
Won’t you help me now my castles are burning
Did you ever see that my castles are burning