In a 2010 survey done by the US government, there were close between 650,000 and 1.45M individuals who were homeless.  Depending on the season, can fluctuate as high as 3.5M.

In NYC, an estimated survey number of about 36,000 individuals were accounted as homeless.

In NJ, a 2008 estimate hit a total close to 25,000

Nationally, nearly 1-in-200 persons who live in the US are likely in situations like this.


We may call him “Arthur”. I’d met him on the street looking for sympathy from passer by drivers. I approached him, and at first he slightly looked away (in suspicion, I suppose) then we locked eyes.

Arthur was such a nice man. He was a gentleman. I knew he tried everyday to keep as much dignity in his day to day, as possible. And you could feel it when talking with him.

“I don’t stick my arm out”, Arthur exclaiming about the way he pan handles. “I don’t ask verbally, either”. He finished telling me that all he does is walk up and down this stop light, for some kind gestures.

“It’s been too long,” he said with a laugh. “My children don’t know I do this.”

As a matter of fact he said he’d been doing this for 4 years. I noticed a tinge of shame & embarrassment in his voice. Unfortunately, he has no choice.


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