It was a foolish thing to do, I suppose. And the unfortunate “twinge” I felt the whole week told me so. At least the view was pretty.


Ben Hogan (if you don’t know who he is, go HERE) said it best, ” Golf isn’t a game of good shots. It’s a game of bad shots”.

The last time I’d swung a golf club was 5 years ago. I’d been burned out from playing the game and swinging those beautiful clubs for the “umpteenth” time from when I started in grammar school.

As I’d remember, our father brought home some used clubs from one of his work friends one day and there we started. My brother and I just jumped in to the golf thing. I do remember the clubs were just still too long for us at that time. It was “just a bit” long for me, but it was vastly too long for my younger brother.

In those days, our family went on weekends (as outings) to our local golf ranges. If you don’t know, these were places where golf-aholics went to hit 200 or 400 golf balls out of cement cubicles, off of plastic grass blades.  Was fabulous.

And my brother and I were those people from grammar school and through high school, and when we were back from college for breaks.

Our bodies were tuned, flexible, strong, and we could hit the back end of the golf range with our drivers. We were proud of that.

But ultimately, we’d hit 200-400 golf balls with zero reciprocating resistance by our bodies. The recovery time was fantastic, as you’d imagine.

Throw down to the present and here I was swinging away like I was 5 years ago.

But one thing I forgot to do. Just forgot to stretch properly and in length. First rule was forgotten (I should have remembered. After all, I thoroughly stretch when I ride my road bike). I was just excited to be there for the first time with my girl (She was excited to hit since 3 years ago) and as mentioned, it had been a while since my last swing.

Well, anyway, I hadn’t forgotten my swing. Just a bit laziness with my back swing at top (which causes a bit of a push), but was all good. I was amazed actually. For a microsecond, I was proud.


Momentary snap shot:

Below is an image I took while at that range. Was a beautiful afternoon sun reflecting off of the skyline of Manhattan (which is always at evening).

We both liked that.

Anyways, stretch well you golf ball hitting friends. Always…

And enjoy!


PS:  We didn’t hit 200 golf balls. That’s for dang sure.

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