It’s Awesome Websites Monday! Well, it’s 2minutes past midnight, so just missed the “Monday” part. This one can be called “Awesome Websites Tuesday” episode, I guess.

Well, below are some of the sites that got my fancy. Some for a few minutes, and some I will keep handy in my bookmark.

Dig in and see if you like them!


DailyLit ( – If you have something again eReader platforms like the iPad, Nook, or the likes  of Kindle, then maybe this can be a convenient alternative for you. Maybe.

WikiTravel (– Why not! You know you like using Wikipedia for lots of your ‘online research workflow’, so why not a Wiki for Travel?? You know you wannna.

Kontain (– Organize your photos and activity updates, on the go- fast. Give it a try. Maybe you’ll like it.

My6Sense (– Got Google Reader?? Maximize it with My6Sense. RSS reader sync mobility.

Podiobook (– not very complete list of book, but the audio books are free for listening. Some interesting books you’d never heard of, I’m sure. Heck, it’s free.

Selectism (– another one of those “style hunter” type sites. But it’s all good…

WhoRunsGov (– Ever wonder who is at the helm of our government departments? Get the gist from this site. Information we never get to hear about by the news media.