What is your awesome website you’d like to share?

Now, my qualifications of what an awesome website is, is that it is just curious (whether useless), fabulous (whether practical), and/or stupendous (although simple)!  I don’t have any particular categories to go by, at the moment, for this is just a quick way to relay my thoughts to you all, through my online searches.  The list presented every week should be flexible and fluctuate, depending on my collected mood   =D

But one things for sure, I’d like to keep with sites that we don’t normally see in our normal search routines.

And of course, I may include some remarks, comments, or some snark remark-a-comment to each link. You never know.


Now, what I will ask of you all, is what website(s) you think is/are awesome, in your eyes!

After all, in some estimates, there are close to 300 Million websites existing in this online universe we love.

Let me know!

Well, here’s my first list. Check ’em out!

GAS BUDDY  (gasbuddy.com)– love tracking your gas? Here’s a source.

HODAR (hodar.com)– weather you never see on ABC-7 Accuweather.

ONEMOTION (onemotion.com)– somethings you’d never thought you’d do with your mouse.

USGS (usgs.gov)– what are floods, droughts, Geospatial Analysis. Oh my!

NEWSEUM (newseum.org)– particular twist on a very cool museum for media & news outputs.

NASA (nasa.gov)– see how the new generation of space exploration has been defined.

EARTHCAM (earthcam.com)– street voyeurism on an international and intercontinental scale.

ACCESSORY GEEKS (accessorygeeks.com)– you got an iPhone right? An Android phone?! What da!

RECORD TRIPPING (recordtripping.com)– so cool I felt like Jam-Master Jay.

RETAIL ME NOT (retailmenot.com)– you like coupons! I’ll show you coupons!


Any comments?? Let me know!