“An ode to a summer” (and end of 2011 version, if you will)

You came to me with the most delightful curtsey.

“Hello” you said. I said, “Hi, we meet again.”

We exchanged pleasantries, with the utmost respect.

I was sure we’d click, as if you were Josie Bissett.

I told myself you weren’t quite ‘Melrose Place‘, but I wasn’t sure.

Through your tactful taunting and bellowing, you brought the sun-  your friend and partner.

I scratched my head in disbelief, but with awe.

‘Summer, you are such a sunshine in my eyes’.  And you answered, ‘I know’

Ok. We quietly sat, until October. Me, still scratching my head about ‘Melrose Place’, and you looking to go to Argentina.

>> NOTE: I don’t pretend to be a poet. Never. Well, unless something silly like this, and for some ‘girlfriend’ situations…  But I know you’ll appreciate my horrible attempt at some kind of poetry LOL <<


Oh and the pics below are from Belmar, NJ. Had some good relaxing time there this year. We’ll return again, next year!

Hope you all had a great stretch of summer, as well!

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