To celebrate (well in addition to fill one of our weekend days) the end of summer, and the return of autumn, both of us visited an apple orchard.

Yep, you heard right.

Personally, I’d never thought of visiting an apple orchard, never once in my life. Although I’d had some preconceived thoughts of what an apple orchard represented (a sun drenched plain of fields, filled with beautiful fruits of one of our most enjoyed foods), the idea of physically going and ‘enjoying’ a trek through an orchard, was far from me.

But Maiko had the idea (activity) for us to participate.

And I was pleasantly surprised. It was definitely a very enjoyable few hours.

We visited Maskers Apple Orchard in Warwick, NY. It’s about 2 hours from Jersey City (by the by, all the twisting mountain roads to the orchard, just makes it a longer trip than it should be). We packed some coffee and donuts for the road trip (oh and some chips, as well).

The road through upstate roads is one of many things beautiful about NY state‘s environment. The old school (1700’s style) buildings and the small roads leading the way, always adds that pinch of character.

All in all, the folks working at the farm was good, the orchard was good, the trip was good, and the sac of apples (quality of apples) was fabulous (yum delicious).

PS  And don’t worry, the “trunk check” is a standard. Don’t get all your feathers all ruffled over it. It’s all good.  Also, fully expect many kids on a field trip. Be patient  =D

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