I’m a big 1970’s pop music fan. Ambrosia, America, Bread, Billy Joel, Styx, James Taylor, Gilbert O’Sullivan and so on. Well, at least for this month.

My point is that I am into pop music as much as the next guy (well, I don’t know about American Idol fans, however. They’re ravenous…

To be honest, never paid attention to going to live shows in my early years, for some reasons. I think it was just dis-interest. Too bad for me, eh?  Just like many hobbies, I do feel bit of regret for not going to live shows and such. But well, just a little.

But these days, I do try to concentrate on attending my thoughts to little things. Just like FREE live shows.

Yes. These free shows are mostly featured in moderate cities, in their formal downtown “business” centers.

These are cool, to be sure. Where I live (Jersey City) and in towns nearby, there are always seasonal mini concerts (also many, many in NYC- which I try to attend as much as possible). Sometimes there are some true surprises (for the good).

When you find one or a group that is just superb, you sit there and listen. Well, that’s all you can do to pour appreciation towards a group that one had never heard of, until that moment. Maybe, toss some big cheers and claps, as bonus.

There are many human elements that make up a great group, small or large. Charisma. This “charisma” can be spearheaded by the leader of the band, the whole band itself, the music, the lyrics, or a combination of all. It’s a subjective but a very real thing.

I find myself respecting a band with such fervor and ooze.

I find myself enjoying such small gems and finds.

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